4 Ways to Go Mobile with Your Business

4 Ways to Go Mobile with Your Business

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4 Ways to Go Mobile with Your Business

As technology continues to evolve and customers become more and more attached to their smartphones, your business must also adapt in order to continue to appeal to existing customers and reach out to new customers. The current trend is towards smartphones, and it’s imperative to be aware of the numerous ways your business can harness mobile technology to its advantage. Below are four ways in which you can go mobile with your business.

Optimize Your Webpage for Mobile

Your business’s webpage is probably lovely, but it will not look so lovely on mobile phones if it is not optimized for mobile devices and browsers. Many, many people now use their smartphones for a significant portion of their Internet browsing, and if your site is optimized for mobile devices it will display a simplified, more attractive and more easy to navigate version of your site for visitors to peruse. Sites not optimized for mobile can be clunky and frustrating to navigate on a smartphone.

Mobile Transactions

Apple Pay and Google Wallet allow customers to make payments quickly and conveniently directly from their smartphones. Customers will feel more secure doing business with you because both of these methods do not require them to give you their credit card information. For in-person card transactions, encrypted mobile card readers, such as those from Midwest Payment Processing, can easily be attached to your own smartphones for very easy credit and debit card transactions on the go.

Develop an App

Not all businesses are going to be best suited to having and maintaining a mobile application, but if yours is, it might be a worthwhile investment. For example, if you have a digital storefront, you can build an app for customers to shop on. You can also build a game that ties into your product or service somehow. It’s fairly easy to hire a contract developer to create an app and upload it to the major app stores, such as Apple, Google and Amazon. Remember that apps must be maintained and updated in order to remain relevant—and they can even be removed from the major app stores if left abandoned.

Get into Mobile Advertising

Because more and more people are browsing on their smartphones, that’s also where you should be focusing your advertising. Business Insider even reports that mobile is the fastest-growing ad format at this point in time. A cool advantage mobile marketing has over traditional marketing is the use of location targeting—you can target your ads to any smartphone user within a certain location for better results.

Mobile is the next advancement and businesses need to devote adequate resources to capitalizing on this new segment of the market, as well as benefiting from the internal advantages mobile technology offers, such as text alerts, cloud-based computing and easy communication that makes it easier for your employees to be on the same page. If your business has not yet gone mobile, it is in your best interest to do so.

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