Tinder Costume

If you are not familiar with Tinder, it’s a popular mobile app meant to make it easy to meet new people (some call it a “hooking up” app*).  You pick whether you’d like to meet men or women in what age demographics (check out these online dating statistics for the most popular demographics). It will then show you those people within a 100 mile radius. When you are presented a new person, you can swipe right** or left or click a “Heart” or “X” button (these remind me of “Hot or Not“) to either “Like” or “Nope” what you see. You can even click to read more information about them before deciding. If both people click the heart (or swipe right), you are considered a “Match” and you are able to communicate with each other via their messaging system.

Recently when I came across a photo that intrigued me to click for more info, the guy’s bio said something like this, “I am a comedian, and if you see this, it means I’m performing in your area. Check out my website to see where…”  And that I considered to be pure genius. Did I check out his website? Hell yeah. For one, I love to attend comedy shows. And if it would’ve worked out, I probably would’ve attended.  Did I “heart” him? No. I’m sure he doesn’t “heart” anyone either. He uses Tinder strictly for promotional purposes.

The first thing I did after seeing that was add my Twitter handle to my profile as shown below. I contemplated adding my website address, but I figured that would welcome stalkers too easily. This way they at least need to know how to use Twitter first…

Kim's Profile on Tinder

Darn, now you all know how old I am! But I have seriously seen my Twitter followers grow exponentially, to the tune of dozens of new followers per day. I would like to think people are following me just because I’m smart and witty and whatever, but I love all my followers (I don’t discriminate). When my first Tinder match told me he likes my tweets, I grinned from ear to ear.

And that’s when a lightbulb went off thinking of all the other types of traveling speakers and performers (bands, hypnotists, etc) that could benefit from using using similar verbiage on Tinder to have them check out their website to see where they can be found. First they would obviously need an intriguing photo to make the person click for more info.

I think this theory would work for non-traveling professions as well. For example, I have a friend that’s a dentist. He could easily write something like “I can make your smile even brighter. Check out our website to save on your first appointment.”

But then I thought of a glitch. If you are a married professional, this may not work to your benefit.  Especially if your wife’s friend sees you on Tinder and instead of clicking for more info, she immediately starts a rumor that you’re looking to hook up with someone. That obviously wouldn’t be good.

So I thought of a workaround. Don’t use a photo of yourself. Create a catchy ad image instead. i.e. “I want to make your smile even better”. What woman doesn’t like to smile? I’d click for more info. Offer me a discount for clicking your link, and you’ve baited, hooked and almost sunk me.

What’s your take on Tinder? Do you or would you use it to promote yourself?

And if you gained nothing else out of this blog post, at least you got a costume idea for Halloween thanks to Flickr.

*I have yet to actually meet anyone IRL*** that I’ve met on Tinder. And I sure as heck would never consider “hooking up” with any of them.

**Does “swipe right” mean swipe from left to right or right to left?**** Google has been no help, and I’m too scared to swipe either way. I’ll stick to the Hot or Not buttons.

***In Real Life

****Update, after visiting Tinder.com, they visually explained the answer (yes, I needed pictures). So “swiping right” means swiping from left to right to “Like” someone. You’re welcome.

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