5 of the Best Blogging Tools for Your Site

Whether you’re running a blog for business or pleasure, there are many options when it comes to management tools. The IT and management skills you use to build a blog may also help you when pursuing a career in the health information management sector. The following list contains some of the tried and true options that can get you started. Many of these services have a free, or very reasonably priced, introductory option so they’ll fit your budget while you’re working on your online MPA.

1. Keyword planner

Knowing what your readers are looking for is vital when creating a blog that gets seen. Google’s keyword planner is a great resource to find what terms people are searching for that are related to a post you want to create.

2. Analytical tools

You want to know what content is working and what isn’t. Google analytics will give you a lot of statistics on your users and what they do on your site. It’s pretty easy to set up and can be connected to almost any website.

3. File sharing tool

Google docs is the Google version of some of the popular Microsoft tools. It is easy to use and share. This will allow multiple users to edit the same document simultaneously. This can come in handy when you have several people working on different parts of one project and you want to be able to view the project in its entirety.

4. Email list managing tool

You are going to want a way to stay in contact with your readers. Mailchimp is a good basic service that makes that task easy. The basic version is free and they have a few options that will fit your needs as you grow.

5. Backup tool

You know how you should always save work while it’s in progress so you don’t have to start all over and drive yourself mad. Well same for your blog or group projects. If you use a program like Google drive it will keep those files safe for you on the Google servers, but what about the work on your personal computer? Check out this list of free backup tools you can try.

The basic versions for many of these tools can be used for free until you decide you are ready to purchase an upgraded plan for a reasonable cost. There are a lot of other options out there for very little cost as well. The big names aren’t always necessarily the best for everyone’s needs, but that is the beauty of being able to try several services for free. Good luck in your future management projects.