5 Key Reasons Why You Need to Use Video Marketing

5 Key Reasons Why You Need to Use Video Marketing

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Billions. That’s how many videos get watched on YouTube each day.

Video content is set to take over the world, so now is the time to get in on this hot trend.

5 Key Reasons Why You Need to Use Video Marketing

Still not convinced? You will be.

Here are five major reasons why you need to use video marketing.

1. Video Consumption Is Growing

Do you love video content? Well, you’re in good company.

In fact, video content is becoming so popular that Cisco’s forecast suggests it’ll make up 82% of all IP traffic.

The popularity of video is astounding as it is. But in the coming years, it’s only going to get more popular.

By investing in a video marketing strategy now, you’ll ensure that you’re ready for your audience’s growing demand.

2. Video Content Is Great for Your Social Strategy

If you were to scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feed right now, it’s likely that you’d encounter at least a few videos.

And if you were to look a bit closer, you might even see that most video content your friends share come from other sources. That’s because video is one of the most shareable forms of content on the web.

48% of people say they’re likely to share a video on their social feed. In contrast, only 23% of people said they’d share another post.

Video content isn’t only fun to watch, it’s fun to share, too.

3. It’s Easy to Generate Emotion Through Video

Narrative content is a great way to tug at your audience’s heartstrings while providing interesting and relevant brand-related messages.

But when it comes to narratives, it’s easier to show than tell.

Reading a testimonial, for instance, isn’t as engaging as watching someone passionately explain their love for your company.

4. Video Reduces Bounce Rates

You’re competing for your audience’s attention. And, there’s a whole lot to compete with.

Every second your audience spends on your site puts you one step closer to gaining their business.

Sure, a pop-up on your landing page can get their attention for a few seconds. But most audiences will close the pop-up and move on.

Adding a video to your homepage almost guarantees that you’ll capture their attention.

Companies that added a video to their homepage saw a conversion increase of 80%!

5. It’s Versatile

Above all else, video content is fun to make. There are so many different ways you can explore marketing through video.

You can host live streams, share pre-recorded content, explore your brand’s story, and way more.

You won’t need much to get started, either. As long as you have a webcam or cellphone camera, you’re good to go. All computers come with stock video editing software, like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, and you can even edit directly on your phone. Or for more robust options, use a business video maker.

With a free online video downloader, you can even transfer or incorporate other videos into your own.

Why You Need to Use Video Marketing

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you need to use video marketing. It’s a fun, exciting way to further your brand and audiences are sure to eat it up.

Have any questions about getting started? Get in touch or check out our blog for other marketing-related videos.

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