5 Tips To Help You Stay Productive When Working From Home

If you work from home, the following tips will help you stay motivated, motivated and productive.

  1. Network

Networking is a vital component in commerce irrespective of your industry; thus it also applies to those working from home. It is said that if you desire to go fast, then go alone; but if you wish to go far, then go with others.

Digital marketers can benefit from various networks that range from the local meetups to the corporate conferences.  Online platforms such as Meetup.com are a resource that you can use to organize a networking event within your neighborhood. Alternatively, you can come up with a personal support network if organized networking events are not your thing; the support network will have members that include telecommuters and other marketers you know in your area.

Being a member of such a network of individuals can help you understand the various challenges your industry faces and how to find suitable solutions thus lowering the chances of being demotivated by the hurdles you encounter while you work from home.

  1. Dress The Part

If you are seeking to be successful, then you also better dress to look the part. But how does apply if you are working from home? Will what you wear have a significant impact on your productivity? You might be surprised to know that is may, and this is according to the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

The findings were based on research where participants wore white lab coats and then tasked to handle a series of jobs. Some participants were informed that the wore a doctor’s coat or a lab technician’s coat and another lot was told the donned on painter’s cloaks.

Those who were told they had on a lab tech’s or doctor’s coat displayed a higher attention and care to what they were doing.

The research focused on “enclothed cognition,” and it is what you should try to experience. Do you have the same feeling when you are in your PJs as you would when you are in your bespoke suit? If how you dress motivates you to do something, then dress in a manner that helps you have high spirits for your work even if you do it from home.

  1. Pick A Separate Office Space

A dedicated workspace is a vital element in having and maintain your focus when working and sustaining a healthy balance between your work and other issues of life. Working from home is often marred by a myriad of interruptions.

While most may be unavoidable interruptions such as your child or pet wanting a bit of your precious time or a call from a relative or friend, but they still are disruptions.

Choose an ideal spot from where you can set up your workspace. An area devoid of distractions and it does not necessarily have to be a secluded room. Add some focus with some nice wall decals with motivational quotes like these from Printingjay.com. A place close to a window will be perfect so that you can use natural light.. While you can use fluorescent lighting, exposure to daylight can help increase your work efficiency and productivity.

  1. Have A Career Mentor

In as much as you need to network, networking does have its limitations. Most aspects of networking are more about give-and-take. But if you have close relations with a career mentor, you will enjoy the benefits of having a personal motivator and cheerleader.

A person to mentor you in your career is not just a preserve of the rich, it works across the board. You will have a professional guide to encourage and motive even when you get bogged down working from home.

Working from home will see you have no direct contact or association with colleagues with whom you can exchange ideas. But with a mentor by your side, you can overcome this challenge since you have some support and encouragement.

  1. Exercise Often

Exercising every other day can help increase your productivity, and since you work from home it is easier for you to allocate ample time for such activities. You can delegate a bit of your work time to workout and increase your focus and productivity.

Several reasons for doing this are based the following findings of research done by Ulrica von Thiele Schwarz. Part of these was that exercises increase stamina which can have a direct impact on a person’s capacity to work extended hours, or it could also be from the lack of being sick frequently thus being available to work.

According to another research, exercising in the morning can improve a person’s moods and performance for the entire day. Based on the findings of this study, most employees performed better when they have days for exercising and their productivity measures in three areas – output, time constraints, and mental-interpersonal.

Decreases mobility is a factor associated with working from home,  hence the need for setting some time for exercising is essential. A 30min – 60min workout session can help you function at your optimal capacity all day long.