The beauty industry has evolved from the up-close-and-personal style of testing your favorites in their mall kiosks. Nowadays, customers don’t need to leave their house to splurge on cosmetics and skincare products, and they can check your products through Youtube reviews and augmented reality technology or filters.

How to Sell Beauty Products from Home

2020 is the best year to begin your beauty ecommerce website since people are generally more aware of what they want. They know what they’re looking for even before they open your store. The critical factor to your success is doing your market research, and it’s even better if you devise a plan from that.

Here are some of the 2020 trends that could mean success to your beauty ecommerce brand:

1. Sustainable and healthy beauty products

People often assume that consumers buy from different brands and don’t want to stay on the same product, but the survey says that a lot of consumers are loyal to the one brand that they often purchase. Brands such as Missha and Klairs, these brands have stayed firm on their results for loyalty amongst their consumers.

However, in 2020, information takes priority over loyalty. People nowadays are becoming more aware of what they want on their products. According to the survey, beauty ecommerce customers are loyal to their favorite brands, but having a natural, clean, and sustainable product can get them to switch.

If the products are something they haven’t tried yet survey says that they’d like it either natural or clean. People want a more natural and eco-friendly beauty product, like the ones on Asian Beauty Wholesale. People are more likely to try something they know is cruelty-free or parabens-free.

2. Testers and samples

Korea is slowly climbing its way as the beauty capital of the world, surpassing previous champions France and Japan. However, their empire didn’t happen overnight. There was a collaborative effort between companies and shops to promote beauty products by giving out freebies. This kind of promotional gimmick helps introduce new goods and allow customers to try them.

Brands have been giving hand-outs to let the consumers experience products first-hand before actually buying it. This strategy has been quite effective at 36%. Korean shops often hand out samples with every purchase, the higher the amount you spend, the more they give.

3. Personalized social media approach

People often look up to influencers for lifestyle, travel, food, and beauty input, so they see it as a better way to market is for influencers to market their products. The beauty industry is the leading sector that uses influencers as ambassadors for their brands.

You can create a social media profile that’s personalized and customized according to your ideal consumer. In 2020, people are more likely to purchase your products if they feel like you are talking to them individually. Adding relatable captions and images will help you gain more patronage and customers.

4. Model diversity

Most of the time, beauty consumers ask those who are close to them for cues on what is better and what is useful. They also often look for those appropriate for their skin type and ethnicity. Consumers are expecting brands to broaden their range of consumers that may be available to everyone, such as skin type and skin tone.

In 2020, you should choose models from all ethnicities and cultures. Taking the cue from Rihanna’s Fenty, bring in models of different sizes and skin color. These will allow the customers to imagine how the product will look on their faces, thus, increasing appeal and trust.

5. Claiming one’s authentic beauty

Most of the time, people use skincare and cosmetic products to help them enhance their beauty. But they don’t want it to reach a point where their face with makeup looks entirely different from the bare one. That is why brands want people to feel better about their selves, even without putting on too much.

When you’re promoting a product this year, make sure that you emphasize enhancing natural features instead of completely altering beauty.

The Bottomline

Beauty ecommerce is a lucrative trade to enter into this year. You can create these kinds of websites, establish a social media page, and make ads to direct interested parties to your site. These recent trends will help you develop a successful beauty brand in the long run. In 2020, you need to promote your website in the proper channels.