5 Ways Technology Can Increase Our Intelligence

5 Ways Technology Can Increase Our Intelligence

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5 Ways Technology Can Increase Our Intelligence

In this era of machine learning and artificial engineering where every day some sci-fi concept becomes a reality, human enhancements are the next big thing. Researchers around the world are working tirelessly to merge technology with our minds. The idea behind this drive is to enhance the cognitive and analytical behavior of the mind by manifolds. Scientists wish to create a solution that will allow us to manipulate our minds through technology and therefore improve its performance on many levels.

Think about it! Limitless memory storage with the ability to recall the smallest incident, superfast computing speeds and heightened senses–the possibilities are immense with tremendous scope to disrupt various fields. These technologies can bring in a new wave of technological developments.

So here is a list of some of the most genius ideas and products that enable you to think better and faster.

  1. Neural Ink

Let’s start with the startup that is being backed by legendary visionary Elon Musk who has strong affinity towards the use of technology to genuinely help people. Neuralink has been quietly building a microchip that will use ultra-high bandwidth interfaces for the brain and a machine to communicate with each other. Though this is not the first time somebody has thought about this. But with the dedication and determination of Elon Musk, this could soon be the next big thing! The idea seems quite near to impossible but it has one of the most brilliant minds at its helm to guide it.

  1. DARPA’s RAM Sensor

DARPA is the super secretive research facility of the Department of Defense. It is always looking towards equipping the soldiers with advanced enhancements to make them super-soldiers. According to them the human mind is a critical area that can be enhanced.

It has been recently working on some cutting-edge brain sensor technology. This device is being made to add value to the lives of the soldiers in the aftermath of their combat lives. The main goal of DARPA is to create a sensor technology that will allow the wearer to regain lost memories due to traumatic brain injuries.

  1. Kernel

When Black Mirror released, it created quite a stir among its viewers. This creative neuroscience startup is working to make a cheap commercial product. This device will enable all of its users to recall every lost memory they have had over the years.

This technology is a major step towards human evolution. It is the right step towards making a new future where machine and man will come together to give you astounding benefits. This model was initially meant to be only for medical purposes but after further talks, the Kernel team has decided to expand the working scope of this device.

  1. Nootropics

Many upcoming startups are working on the use of medication to improve an individual’s memory and cognitive ability but with their own techniques.
These smart drugs can now be used to manipulate memory retention and be also used as a cognitive enhancer. These drugs are constantly being improved to cure or lessen problems related to psychological and neural problems. You can check out the latest developments here at Human Paragon.

  1. Brains Gate

Built for medical purposes, this amazing development promises to revolutionize the way we think. This device was initially built to provide required help to people suffering from headache disorders. It uses what one calls neuro-stimulation of sphenopalatine ganglion. The device then uses a collection of the sensed information and analyses it. This information is then used to send the signals to the glands in nasal cavity and pharynx.

This technology has the potential of making lives easier even for the nervous health disorders. Work is ongoing to make the device more effective and efficient.

Today technology is changing the very lifestyle of people in a couple of years. In fact technology is instrumental in the various spheres of our lives. With technology finding new direction with the onset of artificial intelligence and machine learning, they have become a part and parcel in our lives. It remains to be seen how this development will fare for mankind!

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