5 WFH Jobs Perfect for Military Family

As sure as the sun rises every morning, military families move from place to place. This makes it hard to find and keep a job, especially when your family ends up stuck in rural Nowheresville. The solution? Work from home.

With a stable internet connection, the right equipment and plenty of initiative, the professional world is yours for the taking. Here are five career paths you could pursue, all from the comfort of home.

1. Tutor

There are many tutoring websites to build your professional experience and get your name out there. In the long-term, it feels more rewarding and financially beneficial to work on your terms.

You will need to provide credentials, such as a relevant degree or teaching or tutoring experience. Did you homeschool your children? Many families want a tutor who adapts to their child’s learning style while encouraging their growth organically, just as you did with your kids.

Tutor across the board or choose a niche to focus on. Your work-life balance becomes easier to negotiate when you center your services around a specific subject or learning initiative. Set your office hours and spread the word. Start with a few clients to gauge the workload, then build up to an amount that works for you.

2. Virtual Assistant

Increasingly more companies are beginning to outsource their administrative needs to virtual assistants, who make an average of $16.29 an hour. Many work as contractors or freelancers from their homes to support other businesses with administrative duties. Faxing, taking calls, appointment setting, ordering supplies and organizing files are some of the common tasks these remote employees handle. Set your application apart by picking up additional training through online community college classes or how-to guides.

Responding to customers and posting to social media may also be required depending on the contract and company needs. The industry you work in as a virtual assistant can vary, as well. For example, you may be working for small healthcare clinics or arts nonprofits.

3. Massage Therapist

Get the training and certification for massage therapy in around a year, then join the healthcare industry — one of the fastest growing fields. In this field, you can help military community members and retirees recover from aches and pains, ranging from stress to chronic pain. Massage therapy is also a career that can travel with you when your family relocates. Work with area clinics as you relocate or start your own practice.

In time, you can also incorporate other healing practices into your services, such as Reiki or Tai Chi.

4. Chef

Are you a talented chef who prepares inventive and healthy meals for your family in a pinch? Corner the military family market and make healthy meal kits for others. You can also find a niche here, such as focusing on easy handheld wraps or baking desserts.

Keep in mind that it’s still illegal to sell food cooked at home in some states, so double check your laws. Some startups can provide space to cook that meets regulations of a commercial kitchen. Otherwise, you may need to find a space of your own. You can also use your talent as a personal chef.

5. Personal Trainer

Are you a fitness buff who loves to teach and cares about health? Become a personal trainer.

Check with your installation to see if you can offer classes through them, or start your own one-on-one and group lessons. You could even combine your passions for meal planning and training into an online series — sell your videos and write e-books filled with your tips, too.

Jobs come and go, but a career is more likely to ensure financial and professional stability over the long-term. More people increasingly work from home, and the convenience makes it a fantastic opportunity for military spouses to supplement household income and enjoy a successful career.

From tutoring to personal training, the work-from-home lifestyle allows you to feel more in control of your life and income when you need to relocate. It takes initiative to start a WFH career, but you can do it!