7 Common Myths About Remote Working

7 Common Myths About Remote Working

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Who said working from home is such a huge risk!

7 Common Myths About Remote Working

If you’re looking for something to laugh at, try asking someone about their work-from-home job. It’s really amusing to hear what other people perceive of remote working. According to us, it’s not that risky or bad. However, we’re not here to share personal opinions. As people think about remote working in various ways, there are also myths that come along with it. So, let us look at seven common myths associated with working at home.

  1. No Team Spirit

It is often a misconception that if you work at home, you will never experience teamwork. This is absolutely incorrect. Research has even been conducted to prove that remote workers feel closer to their colleagues than regular office goers do. This is probably because remote workers meet their co-workers once in a while unlike office goers, where they have to deal with the same people all year.

  1. More Distractions

Another myth that shouldn’t go unnoticed is that remote working is more distracting. We see where the people making this statement are coming from, but it’s not at all true. In fact, it is said that working at home increases productivity much more than in office scenarios. Sure, we understand that when you’re at home, it is really easy to get distracted by a Youtube video. However, office workers may feel even more tempted to procrastinate due to poor working conditions.

  1. Lonely Affair

People think that working remotely is lonely. This usually stems from the fact that remote workers don’t have colleagues. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but they do. In fact, remote workers spend more time communicating with their fellow employees. Startups function due to the work of each and every member. This allows members to communicate often. Thus, remote working is nowhere near a lonely affair.

  1. Wear Whatever You Want

It is common for people to think that remote workers spend their days in pajamas. However, this is not completely correct. A lot of employees working from home are subjected to online meetings, conferences, and interviews. What does this mean? They have to dress as professionally as any normal office employee. Sure, there might be days where a remote worker may not have any such activities, but that doesn’t prove the pajama equation right. Speaking of homes, Home Spa Select has everything you need.

  1. They’re Scams

Now, this myth results in fifty-fifty. We are in no way saying that all mediums providing work from home jobs are hundred percent clean. There are many scam artists out there who tell you too-good-to-be-true job opportunities. Many people get scammed this way and end up losing a lot of money and private information. Which is why it is important to rely on legitimate remote job websites to look for opportunities.


  1. Only for Writers

Who says finding a remote job is only for writers and customer service employees? Sure, work-from-home jobs are usually easier to find for certain fields. However, it is not limited to two or three occupations. Like we said earlier, remote websites are great for finding such opportunities. Most of them even provide handy filters so you can search for jobs according to your preferences.

  1. Separating Life

Knowing how to divide personal and professional life is a talent. Not everyone is able to do so. Remote workers suffer remarks when it comes to disconnecting their home life from their work life. When you work at home, it becomes easy to put in loads of productivity at a time. But this also allows one to make time for their personal life. Whether its family, friends or a partner, remote working allows you to have more time for them.

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