7 Ways To Make Working From Home Work for You

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When working from home, it is essential to create focus and organization to maximize your productivity. Many people are distracted easily, procrastinate, or have trouble prioritizing tasks. Conquering these downfalls takes practice, but doing so can increase your satisfaction and efficiency. Here are some ways to get started on your path to getting your work space in order.


Lists are a great way to help you stay on target and remind you of what needs to be done.
They can be set up in a variety of ways with customized tasks to suit your schedule.
List items will vary depending on the type of work you do. An example to get you started could work something like this:

  • Return Messages
  • Check Business Social Media
  • Check Online Bank Balance
  • Work on Accounts Receivable
  • Lunch
  • Work on Accounts Payable
  • Miscellaneous Duties

Be Mindful

Try to remain aware of your need to create focus in your work atmosphere. There are different ways to practice mindfulness, such as meditation or deep breathing exercises. This would fit in nicely during your morning break or before running errands. Mindfulness takes practice, but by doing so it will help you to retain concentration and stay on task.

Standing Desk

Standing desks, as the name implies, make it possible for you to stand (or use a high stool) while doing your duties. Working this way has its advantages, as sitting for long periods contributes to a sedentary lifestyle. Plus, you actually burn a few calories while standing up! There are a variety of styles of standing desks, or you could even use something you already have at home, such as a dresser. For some extra information on standing desks (and a few top picks) check out from Reviews.com.

Avoid Distractions

Setting even a small window of time to get rid of distractions will prove beneficial. Put phones on silent, turn off television or radio if you need to, answer texts later, and know the triggers that cause you to lose focus. It’s best to take care of pets before beginning, and hopefully, someone can help with the kids. Set aside planned breaks so you’ll have time to do the things that would normally take away from your work.

Set Goals

A great way to retain focus and stay organized is to set goals. They can be hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. This keeps you on track for the tasks you need to accomplish in a timely manner. A calendar or daily journal is a great tool to use this for. Also, setting goals can increase motivation and confidence as you accomplish tasks you set out to do.

Put Everything in its Place

If you organize your paperwork and office supplies your work space will look less intimidating. Office supplies can be purchased inexpensively and there are several to choose from. Have an inbox and outbox to keep your papers organized. A station for supplies such as paper clips, sticky notes, pens, and pencils will keep your space looking neat. Less time looking for items means gliding through work a bit easier.

Take Time for Yourself

Making time for things you enjoy can erase some of the stress involved in working at home. Even during work breaks you can take a few minutes to read, write, do yoga, or take a quick walk on the treadmill. It’s important not to lose your individuality during your hectic workday. You are more important than the work you do, so be sure to take the time to appreciate yourself.

Working from home can provide many rewarding benefits for people. It can offer more time with children, the pleasure and freedom of being your own boss, and personal and professional growth. Be sure to have a detailed plan, and enjoy this exciting adventure!

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