6 Types Of Companies That Pay Bloggers

Companies That Pay Bloggers

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Many bloggers ask me how they can make money from their blogs.

Don’t have a blog yet? Here’s how to get started blogging

Once your blog is established, you can start introducing your readers to ads on your site. Start slowly as overbearing your readers could turn them, as well as the search engines, off. I also suggest not “putting your eggs all in one basket” and not relying solely on one type of ad placement. That being said, here are 6 types of companies defined that pay bloggers so you can monetize your website.

1. Ad Networks

Ad networks provide a snippet of code to add to your site so you can usually “set and forget” about them, and they will run ads automatically. Some will pay per click (PPC) and others will pay per impression. I used Mode Media for banners for year, but when they closed down, I had to find banner ad alternatives.

2. Affiliate Networks

The main affiliate networks (Linkshare, CJ, ShareASale, Impact Radius, Affiliate Window, etc) each house thousands of name-brand merchants that payout commissions per sale. I’ve basically been blogging before it was called blogging, and affiliate networks were my original bread and butter (and still are the main source). Read how to sign up for an affiliate program.

3. Blogger Networks

Many bloggers still don’t know what “affiliate” marketing is and rely solely on sponsored posts from blogger networks that pay publishers to write and publish blog posts, articles and/or reviews. Check out this list of paid blogger networks.

4. CPA Networks

CPA stands for “cost per action”, also known as “cost per lead” (CPL). These networks used to be considered spammy, but have come a long way in the last decade and even cater to bloggers now. My favorite CPA networks for bloggers is  ShopHer Media.

5. Independent

These are individual retailers that have their own blogger programs where they offer cash, gift cards and/or free products for placement. Most of the time you can also use affiliate links in your posts as well for ongoing commissions. Examples of independent companies are Best Buy and Scentbird.

6. Sub-Affiliate Network

A sub-affiliate network is an affiliate that shares their commissions with you. I like to use sub-affiliate networks for merchants that will not approve me directly (probably because I alone do not bring enough volume). Some sub-affiliate networks offer tools and/or product feeds that are useful as well. Read my pros and cons of Prosperent vs Skimlinks vs VigLinks.

I use a combination of all of the above types of advertising networks on my blogs.

Companies That Pay Bloggers

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