8 Alternatives to Office Careers

Working from an office simply doesn’t suit everyone’s working styles. Some have heaps of energy and can’t stay confined to a chair for 8 hours a day; preferring a method of employment that allows them to move around and be more hands-on.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, have a read and share this article around, as we’ll be listing top ideas for vocational careers that aren’t confined to one spot, giving you room to grow.


Every teacher says they have the most rewarding job in the world, and if you have a head full of knowledge to share, you should consider taking your teacher training. It sounds like a big responsibility to be a major part of kids’ development, but you could be making a real difference to someone’s life! You can train in one subject or just generally, and get to choose an age group to specialize in.


If you love to build and create, becoming a contractor is for you. Grow from small-scale handy-jobs to larger building projects by obtaining a contractor license – this is essential to legally work on construction sites. The course and exam are simple, quick and easy, with qualified contractors who have worked for years in the business acting as mentors. Make more money and build your own business with a contractor license.

Freelance Writer

For talented wordsmiths, you needn’t spend life confined to an office cubicle. It isn’t always the best source of creativity and motivation for you. Going freelance allows you to work wherever you wish on that day – at home, the local library, coffee shops, parks, the beach…wherever you can take your laptop. It can be challenging for many reasons, but highly rewarding if you’re a great self-motivator with the drive and ambition to pitch to editors and believe in your work. Have a go at writing a piece and pitching to a relevant publication – it could be the start of a new career!

Personal Trainer

Turn your love of fitness into a career, and help others become fit and healthy along with you. You’ll have to go to school to learn about nutrition, health and instructing exercise, but if this is your passion, you’ll ace your exams and enjoy the course!

Real Estate Agent

Are you persuasive, with good negotiation and people skills? Do you have a way with words and the ability to highlight the best features in any situation? Working in real estate allows you to show prospective buyers around all kinds of accommodation, persuading them why they should buy. This is an especially great route for extroverts, as you get to meet new people daily and build rapport with your clients to ensure you locate their dream home, suited exactly to their needs and lifestyle.


Any kind of leisure, hotel, or travel industry needs enthusiastic individuals who love meeting, talking with and helping people. What’s more is that it’s easy to start as a bartender or receptionist and make your way up the ranks. You could be running your own hotel in the not-so-distant future.

Nursing & Care Work

If you’re caring by nature and have an interest in medicine, nursing could be the vocation for you. Care work is also an amazing and rewarding job; though both have their challenges. They require long hours, keeping your cool in emergency situations and befriending patients to make unpleasant situations more bearable. These jobs allow workers in their field to make a real difference to people’s lives. If this is your aim in life, these are vocations to investigate.


Becoming a successful musician isn’t an easy road, but there are plenty of ways to work in music without making it big in a band. Offer your services as a piano teacher, get into production, or artist liaison. Even practice your DJ skills and get a gig in a bar once a week – you never know where your musical talents could lead.