8 Lessons In Military Leadership For Entrepreneurs

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Robert Kiyoski, author of the International Bestseller Rich Dad, Poor Dad book also recently wrote the 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs book, and I had the opportunity to review this book. This book tells you how and why military training develops great entrepreneurs.

8 Lessons in Military Leadership

Now I’ve never had any military training, and that’s okay, as this book is designed to teach readers how to apply military training to improve the odds of success in the world of entrepreneurship and business. This book is written for anyone who is an entrepreneur or dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

Statistics show that nine out of ten entrepreneurs fail in the first five years of business. I quit my day job back in 2001 to venture on my own in the world of affiliate marketing. Luckily I was in the 10% of entrepreneurs that succeeded. But statistics go on to say that for every ten who do survive the first five years, nine of those ten fail in the second five years. Now I don’t think I personally failed per se in the second five years, but when Google’s Panda hit in 2011, my website revenue went down drastically, and I started taking on consulting jobs to supplement in my income.

So the question that this book answers is: What is the difference between the one entrepreneur who succeeds and the nine who fail? Robert (Robb) teaches us that success as an entrepreneur requires the same core skills, values and leadership strength taught by the military. Okay, I’m ready for “boot camp”…

Kim reading book

I read in detail exactly what these eight leadership lessons are which I’ll share with you. But I encourage you to buy the book yourself to read in depth how to apply these lessons:

  1. Leaders Are Role Models
  2. Are You A Loner Or A Leader?
  3. Discipline Delivers A Higher Quality Of Life
  4. The Power Of Respect
  5. The Need For Speed
  6. Unite To Win And Divide To Conquer
  7. Leaders Are Teachers
  8. Leadership Is One Big Sales Job

Today’s business leaders need key military leadership insights now more than ever.

Cashflow Quadrant

Robb talks about the CASHFLOW Quadrant (shown above) in Chapter 2, 4 and 8 that was originally introduced in an early Rich Dad book. The “E” (Employee) and “S” (Self-Employed, Small Business Owners or Specialists) on the left side focus on earning income and greatly value a safe, secure job or career. The “B” (Business Owner) and “I” (Investor”) on the right side focus on creating assets to provide their income source using other people’s time and money. And above all, they value financial freedom. The book contains several other charts and graphs that helped me better understand each lesson.

8 Lessons in Military Leadership

This book has motivated me to implement some of Robb’s lessons into my own business. I would recommend this book to anyone inspiring to be an entrepreneur themselves as the world needs more entrepreneurs!

Order your copy of 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs now on Amazon!

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