Finding new and innovative ways to reach your local audience can boost the profitability of your small business and can help you position yourself effectively for further growth and expansion. Combining proven techniques with new ideas can often create synergy for your promotional efforts and provide you with a competitive edge within your industry. Here are eight ways to enhance your visibility among local consumers in the market for your products and services.

Practice Charity

Giving back to your community can provide you with added opportunities to promote your company. Charitable giving and volunteer efforts can often attract the attention of local media outlets and can improve your corporate image among the supporters of these charities and nonprofit organizations. Some charities produce and send annual reports to their stakeholders that include the names of all major donors, further establishing your commitment to these worthy local causes.

Support Sports

By sponsoring a local youth sports team or school organization with family nights, discounts and other fundraising activities, you can boost your company’s name recognition and can generate positive feedback among potential customers. In some cases, your company will be mentioned in event programs or on the banner announcing various sports activities, allowing you to reach your target audience much more effectively within your local community.

Target Customers Online

Google and other major search engine providers offer targeted advertising services that allow you to zero in on potential customers in specific cities, neighborhoods or regions. Pay-per-click advertising campaigns can be configured specifically to include certain demographics and to focus on communities in which your company maintains retail locations. By concentrating your efforts and your advertising budget in the appropriate geographic areas, you can improve your conversion rate and increase your visibility where it matters most.

Do the Due Diligence

Take time out to consider the characteristics of your most likely customers and to identify their needs and wants. For example, if your company offers salon services, you may achieve increased foot traffic by posting advertisements in local spas, beauty supply stores and fashion outlets. By developing a clear picture of your typical clients, you can reach them in the businesses they frequent on a regular basis.

Make the News

Creating and distributing press releases detailing major events in the life of your company can help you attract added attention in print and online media outlets. Compelling, well-written material may even generate buzz among local television news departments and may provide your company with increased visibility throughout your metropolitan area. Be sure to include contact information and a link to your corporate website to ensure maximum exposure for your business.

Give Something Back

Promotional products can generate a positive response among your current customers and can provide added visibility for your company for months or years. Some of the most popular promotional items include the following:

  • T-shirts
  • Mugs
  • Calendars
  • Golf tees
  • Pencils and pens
  • Magnets
  • Water bottles

Promotional items emblazoned with your company logo can help you to reach potential customers for months or years after the initial gift. By providing your clients with items of value, you can augment your branding efforts and establish a firm foothold for your company in your local community.

Establish Your Credentials

Relevant, well-written content is always in demand. Consider writing a weekly or monthly column for your local newspaper or starting a company blog to educate your customers on emerging trends and ongoing developments within your industry. By positioning your company as an authoritative source for information in your chosen field, you can achieve an improved corporate reputation and can increase your visibility and sales online and in your brick-and-mortar locations.

Solicit Positive Reviews

Asking your satisfied customers to review your products and services online can often boost your company’s reputation and increase your profitability. Maintaining a corporate presence on Google+ and other online review sites can provide these clients with a convenient venue to praise your customer service, comment on their own experiences and provide added credibility for your company in the competitive local marketplace.

By creating an integrated marketing plan that focuses on local customers and provides them with solid reasons for choosing your company, you can reach your target audience more effectively and generate added revenues online and in your community. Implementing these eight techniques can help your marketing efforts and ultimately the bottom line.