Kim Rowley in Revenue Magazine

I had the opportunity to be interviewed for this month’s Revenue Magazine “Affiliate Advantage” article. Here is a pic of me holding an advance copy of the magazine in London last week while attending Affiliate Summit UK (and I only had one request for a centerfold autograph). Read about my trip across the pond here.

You can read the article online (pp 82 – 86) or you can subscribe to Revenue Magazine for free if you qualify, and may be lucky enough to still get this month’s print issue.  If you don’t qualify, no worries (my new saying from London),  you can subscribe via Magazine Discount Center ($25/yr). This magazine is an affiliate marketing must-have.

There were a few inaccuracies in the article, but it was an honor to be featured nonetheless. A few corrections…

My youngest daughter, Tatym is nine.  Not only does the poor girl look exactly like me, she wants to be like me! She is launching her very own website soon!

My ex-husband’s mood swings were bi-polar. And yes, he did get remarried the day our divorce was final to his “we’re just friends”. Not that I’m bitter or anything. Honestly, they are two of a kind, and I’m much happier (and better off financially) without him.

I did not buy his airplane in it’s entirety (he probably still owes on it).  My hobby (affiliate marketing) simply paid for his hobby (pilot lessons, airplane payments).

Not all of my websites that were listed are developed and/or promoted, but I do own all of the domain names. Any of those names may be sale if the price is right.

And last but not least, I have not actually read any of these chick flick books yet, but I have good intentions of someday doing so.

Thanks to Lisa, Eric and Steve at Revenue and Photographer Tammy for exposing me. Anyone want to teach me PHP?