No other industry can claim a 44% increase in jobs in 2018 alone. This can only come from the potential growth of the cannabis industry as legalization, sales, and consumption increases.

Getting yourself into the industry now can help you secure cannabis industry jobs before it gets too saturated.

So, how do you get started on your job search? Even though the demand is high, the procedures to land a career in cannabis requires some hard work.

Use these tips to help you begin your search and get hired.

Check Job Boards

A great way to learn about the qualifications necessary for cannabis jobs is to read as many job descriptions as you can.

You can find many entry level cannabis jobs on job boards specific to cannabis or look on more general sites like Indeed.com and LinkedIn.

There are even recruiters that cater to cannabis job seekers. They can help you formulate your resume, direct you to job boards, and even recommend you for certain jobs.

See what skills, degrees/certificates, and experience you need beforehand so you can acquire any missing requirements. You don’t want to waste time applying for jobs that you are not qualified for.

Start Networking

Just like any other industry, marijuana jobs go to those who have contacts in the field. Get to know people by attending conferences, trade shows, and events.

You can also start following professionals on social media to get leads on jobs, ask questions related to your search, and start making friends. People will begin to remember your face and your presence in the sphere of cannabis.

During a job interview, you are much more likely to get hired if you start casually talking about marijuana experts and your latest appearance at a cannabis event.

Research the Industry

The laws, regulations, and technologies surrounding cannabis are constantly evolving.

You should know the status of legalities in your state. Be aware of the policies such as permits to grow and sell, tax requirements, and banking limitations.

Even if you plan to handle the cash flow part of cannabis operations, you should also be aware of the growing and distributing procedures. Learn about new cultivation gadgets to namedrop in an interview and get some positive points.

Smoking Cannabis isn’t Enough

If you want to apply for marijuana dispensary jobs don’t think that just because you love weed you qualify for the job.

It takes certain skills, dedication, and professionalism to make it in the cannabis industry. So,  just because you smoke cannabis doesn’t mean that you can sell it, grow, it, or discuss its medicinal value as a professional.

While smoking is not an issue, you also want to be viewed as more than a user of cannabis. This is because companies are still battling the stigma of the “stoner” culture. They want to be seen as legitimate so they will hire responsible people.

Make a good impression by dressing in business-ready attire, being on time to the interview, and of course, showing up sober.

You also do not want to highlight your smoking background as a substitute for real experience. Your job is not to get high, rather it is to make money for the company.

Don’t ask what the smoking policy is at work or if you get discounts. This will make your potential employer suspicious of your intentions.

Decide on the Sector

There are more than 211,000 jobs in the cannabis industry, ranging from medical marijuana jobs in dispensaries to gourmet cannabis-infused chefs.

Deciding on which type of job you would like to pursue depends on your background, skills, and desire. You might also want to consider the typical salary, openings in your area, and the growth potential of the job.

If you have a degree in chemistry, you can get an entry-level job in a cannabis testing lab. Or become a cashier at a dispensary and slowly work your way up to an expert budtender.

No matter which type of job you choose, be sure to craft your resume with the cannabis industry in mind, but also describe transferable skills.

Other retail experience can help you apply at a dispensary. Or if you worked as a sous chef, you already know how to cook in a restaurant.

Consider working on your own as an entrepreneur, freelancer, or consultant. There are many ways to sell cannabis products online, write about it in your free time, or help others start their own business.

Acquire Skills and Certifications

Have you looked for dispensary jobs only to notice that you don’t have the credentials or experience to be considered? Then its time to get some!

Check out courses that offer certifications in various fields like growing, cooking, law, medical cannabis, delivery service, and dispensary management.

You can also gain some secondary knowledge in one of these courses to put on your resume. It’s great to have this information for interviews to show that you know your stuff.

Another option to gain some experience is to volunteer, do an internship, or get a mentor. You are starting at the bottom, but it is a great way to meet people and get your foot in the door.

Getting Started with Cannabis Industry Jobs

Now that you know everything about cannabis industry jobs, it’s time to get started with your search. Begin online looking for recruiters and available positions.

You can also get acquainted with some tools to start your own cannabis business by visiting our resource section.