Did you know that the cannabis industry is expected to be worth over $57 billion by 2027?

With more people using recreational and medical marijuana each day, this industry shows no signs of slowing down for a long time. If you’re interested in finding a secure job, this field shows lots of promise.

Make Some Green: 5 Cannabis Jobs That Are High in Demand

Do you want to learn how you can get involved in this booming industry? Keep reading for 5 lucrative cannabis jobs.

1. Dispensary Cashier, Budtender, or Manager

Dispensary jobs are laid-back and fun because you get to work directly with consumers to help them find the perfect product. High-quality shops like the Broadway Dispensary have a wide range of clientele that keeps your routine tasks exciting. You could help an elderly customer treat an illness and give inspiration to young artist all in one day.

If you’re new to the industry, it’s easy to get a job working as a cashier. If you like working with the public and generating sales, you could be a budtender. If you have more business experience, working as a dispensary manager can be a rewarding position.

2. Edibles Chef

One of the most unique cannabis industry jobs is becoming an edibles chef. In this role, you get to spend your time brainstorming, creating, and taste testing different foods that are infused with weed. If you have a passion for good food that also offers therapeutic benefits, this job is for you.

In order to land a reputable position, it helps to have a culinary background with education and experience.

3. Cannabis Trimmer

One of the most common entry-level marijuana jobs is tending to the crops. In this role, you’ll be responsible for gathering the buds from harvested cannabis plants and trimming the leaves. Since you’re preparing the cannabis for selling, you have to make sure each product looks great and offers excellent quality.

4. Cannabis Grower

Master growers are the heart of the cannabis industry because they’re the people who create other jobs. With all of the government regulations, growing cannabis is a lot more involved than simply planting the crops.

In this position, you also have to monitor your plants to make sure they are safe from pests, disease, and malnutrition. Creating clones of successful strains can help ensure your crops are healthy and valuable.

5. Lab Technician

If you’re interested in medical cannabis jobs, you can earn an impressive salary as a lab technician. Although the pay is competitive, you have to have the scientific experience to earn this title. Your work as a lab technician is crucial for keeping consumers safe.

Your main duty is to test each product for pesticides and other dangerous contaminants. If you’re working with hemp-derived CBD, you’ll also have to test those products to make sure their THC levels comply with legal limits.

These Cannabis Jobs Are Lucrative and Rewarding

Now that you know the top 5 cannabis jobs, you can start a positive career that matches your unique aspirations and needs.

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