Team Coordination At The Comfort Of Your Home: Use These Incredible Tools

Team Coordination At The Comfort Of Your Home: Use These Incredible Tools

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In this competitive business world, many professionals prefer working remotely from the comfort of their homes. Even organizations across industries have come to terms with this trend. So, to manage the team that works remotely, there are team collaboration tools and software. These tools keep the team members in coordination ensuring productivity and improved quality of the outcome. An effective team collaboration tool will help everyone express themselves and maintain high levels of productivity on all projects.

The right collaboration software resolves all possible challenges in keeping the team organized. However, finding the right and efficient tool is important and challenging. There are various tools for the following:

  • Communication
  • Scheduling
  • Time Tracking
  • Integrations
  • Video Conferencing
  • Chats

With the increase in the use of mobile devices and applications, there are many powerful apps and software tools that one can use to meet all these requirements as detailed below:

Effective Communication Tools To Try 

Efficient communication is very important for a company, irrespective of the industry. The tools meant for efficient communication let team members frame a plan, collaborate with others and deliver projects efficiently. These tools not only help team members keep things organized but also foster a healthy working environment that is collaborative and productive.

Some common collaborative tools for efficient communication are:


ProofHub is a one-stop project management and collaboration tool, which eliminates the necessity of having many tools for a single project. It facilitates visual timelines, time tracking, chats, to-do lists, real-time reports and more.

Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff Tasks is an agile tool that facilitates project management. The tool uses visual project boards that help teams collaborate and manage tasks. It is possible to move these tasks with a drag-and-drop action.

Employee Scheduling Software Tools To Try 

When it comes to scheduling, the pen and paper process has a lot of drawbacks. This is where employee scheduling software comes to play. While it might feel cumbersome initially, there is an easy to learn scheduling software that is efficient. Some common options include the following:


This is a simple and intuitive online tool, which saves hours and reduces costs in managing the team. It is possible to create new shift structures, build custom schedule templates, use auto-scheduling and drop existing ones instantly with Deputy’s scheduling software.

Google Calendar

This tool combines the benefits of ease of online creation as well as the distribution of schedules among the team. It was designed to be a personal calendar and can be tailored to schedule employees’ tasks. It is also possible to attach email addresses for simplified communication and automated notifications.

Time Tracking Is Quite Beneficial For All Businesses

Time tracking is an important aspect of any business and all businesses will benefit from the same, be it a small or big team. There are many apps and different methods to track working time.  Some of the apps that can help are detailed here:


Timely is an automated time tracking app, which logs and monitors time spent on work. This tool keeps the time tracking data secure and provides easy access to the same from any device or location. Project managers can view progress, budget, and more in real-time.


This is a modern-day project management tool, which is designed to help both small and medium businesses. It ensures a seamless flow of the project until it is completed. There are many tools such as task management, resource management, communication, and more.

My Hours

Being a cloud-based time tracking software, My Hours is designed for freelancers and small teams. It tracks time spent on tasks and projects, general reports, and send them to clients directly. It can track time irrespective of the location.

Video Conferencing Proves Effective For Businesses

Video conferencing is one of the best collaboration tools to have face-to-face meetings and real-time discussions with the team members anytime, anywhere. There are many video conferencing tools that have been proven to be time-saving and cost-efficient. Some of them are:

Skype for Business

This is a VoIP collaboration tool for all types and sizes of businesses. There are amazing collaborative features such as desktop sharing, advanced scheduling, built-in voicemail, and more in this tool.


This is an online video conferencing tool, which makes it both cost-effective and time-saving to schedule meetings. It is designed to make business communication reliable, simple, and effective irrespective of the device and location.

Having detailed a few team collaboration tools, keep in mind that keeping team members on track is very important to achieve the best possible outcome at the end of the project.

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