Adapting your Business 3 Signs it is Time to Update your Website

Certain things in today’s fast paced technology driven culture need to be updated. This is especially the case for websites. If your commercial website hasn’t been updated in years, you could be losing a lot of potential revenue to competitors. With this in mind, below are three signs it’s time to update your website.

1. Your Website Is Hard to Navigate with a Smart Phone

If you are ignoring mobile in regards to the design of your website, you could be in serious trouble. According to many sources, mobile traffic now exceeds regular desktop and laptop internet traffic by a 60 to 40 percent ratio. This is an extremely sizable chunk of the market. If your website is impossible to navigate with a smart phone or tablet, you could be sacrificing more than half your potential sales.

Test your website out on a phone. If you have to scroll form left to right and many links are hard to click on, you will need a redesign. Consider web design firms to make sure mobile users can load a version of your website that is optimized for use with touch screen.

2. Your Website Is Hard to Find on Search Engines

Another common problem occurs when a website has poor search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, often shortened to SEO, is a web design philosophy centered around achieving good rankings on the major search engines like Google. With good SEO, a website may find its way onto the first page of search results. With poor SEO, on the on the other hand, your website may not be indexed at all.

The algorithms search engines use to rank sites are continually changing. Having the eye of a professional may be required especially if you want to depend on that website for income. Amateurs to SEO may make significant mistakes that will be punished by the major search engines and could lead to a site being unsearchable for weeks or months at a time.

3. You Have Been the Victim of an Online Security Breach

Outdated web design just doesn’t mean having a website that is unattractive or hard to navigate. It could also put your company in danger. Older software tends to have security gaps that can be exploited by hackers, scammers, corporate spies and others that would wish to do your company harm. If your website has recently been hacked, you should certainly have it updated to improve security.

Overall, websites, like many things, need routine maintenance. This can insure that the website is easy to use for customers, easy to find and protected against those who would do your company harm.