Bin Warehouse DFAE2MBW0431 Storage System for 12-Totes

A full 63 percent of small companies are started at home. If you are a budding business on a budget, finding the right way to store things in a cost effective way goes a long way to making everything work. Here are a few ways successful at-home business developers have created storage solutions.

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Space Consolidation

There are many inexpensive storage options that can greatly reduce the amount of space your equipment requires. Once free, use that space to keep up your inventory or business assets. For instance, the ever useful plastic space bags that allow you to take the air out after loading up is a great place to start. Use your extra closet to store your business inventory and assets. Put all your paper files in one binder or drawer. Finding ways to consolidate is a useful skill necessary for any home business.

Cloud Storage for Digital Assets

You can save a ton of space by getting rid of hardware computers and paper files. Everything is mobile today, so putting your data in the cloud will relieve you of the need for huge desktop units and other hardware. You can then use that space for other business inventory that cannot be digitized.

Finding Alternative Containers

Find new ways to store and contain your equipment. Plastic bins like the sturdy industrial grade ones at Quantum Storage are a great way to organize small pieces of equipment or building supplies. They are easy to stack in an unused part of your house and will stay out of the way. You can use that extra space to put things in place that you need your hands on immediately.

Keep Inventory with a Community

Instead of paying the likely exorbitant prices of your local storage business, recruit your neighbors with a bit of extra space. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who rent a small amount of space in a neighbor’s shed or unused room in order to store inventory. Neighbors who are looking for a bit of extra money will be happy to rent out, and the inventory will always be in reach.

The small business entrepreneur must be a crafty person. The above tips will help you to hold more inventory and organize your assets out of harm’s way. This way you can do business more efficiently and keep everything you need within arm’s reach. Use this leverage to create a better business for yourself out of your basement!