Beginning an At-Home Business? 4 Social Media Tips to Give You a Boost

Social media is such a powerful tool when you’re looking to start up a small business from home. Social media offers you a direct opportunity to reach millions of people and push your product. At the same time, there are millions of people on the social media platforms. It can feel pretty daunting to figure out how to stand out from the rest.

Truth be told, it’s best to stand out among people in your sphere of influence first. Once you accomplish that goal, it’s like a snowball effect. You’ll be able to gain more traction and make more ripples in the world of social media. Before you open up your Instagram page or a Facebook page, there are a few tips you’ll want to implement first.

Use Hashtags

Within the social media world, hashtags are a lot like keywords. Consider hashtags the perfect way to attract the following you’re looking for. Do a Google search to find out what the popular hashtags are in your niche. Some people also use trending hashtags under their content because it’ll instantly place their content in front of a ton of traffic.

The smartest and most authentic way to do this is through using relevant trending topics or find ways to tie the trending topic in with your content. If you don’t do this, it’ll only be perceived as spam and inauthentic. It’s also a great idea to use your company name as a hashtag in each post. This is an excellent way to leave a marked social media footprint that’s easy to find.

Produce High-Quality Graphics

High-quality photos are considered standard in social media etiquette. With smartphones improving the megapixels on their cameras, it’s easier than ever to produce photos that are crisp and clear. If you choose to use a filter, this is actually encouraged on social media. However, it’s a wise idea to use the same filter across the board. Companies like Nu Skin have consistent branding through all of their photos. Make sure your pictures look complementary and cohesive.

Pay for Advertising

To really get a boost, it’s wise to take advantage of partnerships. You can connect with other content creators in your field and find out if they have an advertising fee. Many content creators that have large followings will repost your work for a fee. These content creators are also known as brand ambassadors. In many cases, the investment can range from $25 to over $250 for authentic placement.

While it may seem unnecessary to some, it’s truly a great way to push your brand and advertise it to the right market. Don’t reach out to your competitors and ask them to repost your work. That move poses an obvious conflict of interest.


As you begin to build a following, it’s best to make sure that you engage with the people. As you post content to social media, consider each post a conversation starter. The goal is to share what you have going on, but also spark dialogue with people who are interested in what you have to share. As people comment on your posts, respond. Then, take it a step further and engage with them. Visit their pages and comment under their posts. As you spark communication, you’ll grow a loyal tribe of people who are interested in what you have to share within the marketplace.

These four social media tips will certainly give you the boost you’re looking for. As long as you remain consistent with these efforts on a daily basis, you’ll definitely get some traction. If you don’t, it’s best to reexamine and improve one of these strategies. Ask someone to take a look at your content and give constructive criticism on ways to improve. Once you figure it out, you’ll be well on your way.