Twitter Means Business

Twitter Means Business

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Twitter Means Business

Personally I think Twitter has helped my “company” (aka websites) tremendously. The only way it has maybe “hurt” it is that sometimes I get distracted reading other tweets and their links that follow, thus making me unproductive!

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Twitter Means Business

4 thoughts on “Twitter Means Business”

  1. Well, if you keep on browsing others’ tweets most of your time, that can really be very destructive on your part. Just try to minimize it.

  2. I just started the whole Twitter thing and I think it has helped my business as well. I get people that I would have never thought of to visit my site. I don’t get distracted like you do, but I am sure it will happen eventually.

  3. Twitter has driven a little traffic for me. I think it has been more valuable in linking me up with other bloggers and networks, than in straight out trafiic building though.

    I find it does tend to distract me from getting things done, which is of course troublesome.

  4. If you can get some followers on the same niche…like bloggers, webmasters or anyone that will be interested in your topics then for sure you’ll get some traffic.

    Or just get a thousand followers and for sure law of averages will take care of the rest.

    So far I only have 150 followers and following 200.

    I can follow you Kim if you going to give out your Twitter name and just in case anyone wants to follow me then I’m @zxxxt in Twitter.

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