Best Standing Desk Accessories That Will Make Your Life Better

Standing Desk Accessories

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Standing desks offer increased flexibility and versatility.

Due to this reason, they became increasingly popular over the past few years. These can be used while both standing and sitting, for leisure or work purposes. But most importantly, they eliminate the strain that sitting multiple hours per day puts on your lower back. In many modern offices, standing desks have become a necessity. But no matter how comfortable and beneficial they already are, there are some ways you can take the whole user experience to another level.

Stand up desk accessories can make user’s life furthermore enjoyable and add to the perks of remaining mobile at the workplace. Below is a list all standing desks users need in their lives, for added comfort. Some of them will improve your posture, others will fix some nagging issues all standing desks users face. But for more information, keep reading below.

1. Anti-fatigue Mat

Many standing desk users know very well that one of the downsides of these is the occasional back pain experienced. Sure, standing while working has enormous health benefits, but one of the downsides is the occasional aches users get in their backs. Nonetheless, working while standing is a far better option than sitting. For a better experience as a standing desk user, physicians recommend investing in an anti-fatigue mat. This will ease some of the side-effects of standing for prolonged intervals.

Such mats are ergonomically designed and have two main scopes: to relieve back pain and improve posture. If you experience aches and pains in your lower body areas, these mats are accessories that you urgently need. Look for mats manufactured out of soft rubber, with a rise of at least two inches. These will create a more comfortable experience for the users that face heel aches but also those users who must wear heels at work.

Standing Desk Accessories


2. A Cable Tray

A common issue of modern-day office spaces is the generous amount of cables that spoil the offices’ aesthetics. Cable trays offer both high levels of functionality, but also improve the looks of your office.

A cable tray will help you organize and hide all your computer cables and cords, and avoid unpleasant accidents. When it comes to your stand up desk, these seem to be a lot more cables than in the case of a regular desk. Due to this reason, you can start to search for cable trays that are 30 inches or larger. They will allow you to hide away all those cords and cables your colleagues stumble upon. Before purchasing a tray, make sure that it is compatible with your desk.

Standing Desk Accessories


3. A Filing Cabinet

In office spaces, there appears plenty of paperwork to handle and organize. Especially managers have large volumes of documents which have to be properly stored. If you face storage issues with your standing desk, you must know that you’re not the only one.

A cabinet with plenty of space where to keep your documents and paperwork would work amazingly, in this case. The only thing you must pay attention to in this accessory’s case is that you choose one appropriate for your standing desk model. Find a filing cabinet that fits perfectly in the space beneath your desk when lowered. This will make every document easy to reach. It will also beautifully compliment your desk. Filing cabinets with wheels are more versatile allowing you to move those around as you wish.

Standing Desk Accessories


4. Under-Desk Keyboard

An improper position of your keyboard will put an enormous strain on your fingers and wrists. The perfect position for a keyboard, if you don’t what to experience pain at your finger’s and wrists’ level to your elbows. Not higher, not lower.

When typing, your elbows should bend at a 90-degree angle, for the best results. Those who neglect this position are prone to develop carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a chronic pain that you want to avoid. In standing desks’ case, achieving this perfect position is only possible with an under-desk keyboard extension. Again, you want to make sure that your extension is fully compatible with your desk model.

Standing Desk Accessories


5. Active Seating Solutions

The biggest advantage of standing desks is that they allow you to remain active at work. However, after hours of standing your legs might need a rest. Search for active seating solutions, as these are more beneficial than your regular office chair. The main purpose of this type of chair is to maintain a good activity level of the user, even when they are sitting.

Active seating options vary by design. Some are wobbly chairs that require the user to exercise their abdominal muscles, to maintain a vertical position. This will allow you to give your feet a rest while working out your core and boosting your energy levels.


Standing Desk Accessories


6. Invest in a Monitor Adjuster

We all know how a computer monitor should be positioned, for the best results. However, in standing desks’ case, regular monitors are difficult to position properly. Improper monitor positioning will cause aches and pain in the user’s neck, a problem that can be easily avoided with a monitor adjuster. Monitor arm accessories allow 360 degrees of horizontal movement and 20 degrees vertical of movement. This means that regardless of your preferred (and ideal) working position, you will be able to adjust your monitor to meet your needs.

They will also eliminate the strain on your neck and eyes, making you healthier, overall. Additionally, these adjusters boost the space on your desk, making room for extras. A generous mouse pad to will maintain your standing desk in a better shape for longer, and now you’ll have the necessary space for it.

Standing Desk Accessories


Standing desks bring incredible health advantages to office workers today. Standing lowers your chances of becoming overweight, boosts a proper blood flow in your body and some voices even claim that standing boosts your mood. If you are already the happy owner of a standing desk, go ahead and invest in these accessories for added advantages.

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