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Making Money From Your Blog

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Making Money From Your Blog

The dot-com bubble has come and gone. As grotesquely overvalued as those Internet start-ups were, they did hold some value. The value has grown over time with rapid advances in communications and more people and businesses online than ever before.

You can augment your salary or even make your primary income with an online business. You don’t need a computer science degree and in many cases there is no capital investment requirement, unlike with a traditional business. There are several ways to go about making money online and more than a few scams. What follows is a list of the most legitimate opportunities already used by thousands of people.

Affiliate Blogging

One of the oldest online tactics used to make money is still around and going strong. All that you need to get started is a domain name, web host, and open-source software. The idea is simple. You write blog entries providing a free information service for a specific niche.

Make it easy for people to find your blog, and then register as an affiliate content provider. Other businesses will pay you to drive traffic their way, making this a win-win situation.

Service Contracting

Outsourcing is not just businesses shipping their assembly lines and phone banks overseas. Many businesses require services intermittently and cannot afford to hire employees. This is where you come in with your skills in photography, writing, customer service, or graphic design. Many websites match freelancers in different genres with businesses, and most freelancers go on to market themselves.

Online Garage Sales

Hosting a garage sale is time consuming, subject to the weather, and not a great venue for moving many types of merchandise. You can have more luck selling your stuff online. A larger number of people see it, and you only have to present selling points once in the written description and photographs. Best of all, this garage sale is open 24/7.

Selling Homemade Products

The new DIY economy prompted many people to learn new skills, from carpentry to gardening. If you have a product, such as making jams, jewelry, or hand-crafted bassinets, there is a marketplace for it. Perform some research to see how others are selling similar products. You may end up hiring some of the service contractors listed above to aid your efforts!

Marketing Your Skills Virtually

Any products you make at home have a skill behind them, and those skills are rapidly becoming more valuable. Remember that you learned the skill not just as a hobby, but also a way to save money. Many businesses are succeeding right now by combining an affiliate blog with product sales and skills marketing. Other skills, such as a mastery of Algebra or high scores on SATs, translate into tutoring sessions arranged online.

Everyone knows something, does something, or makes something that someone else wants. The Internet provides an easy way to connect you with buyers. With time, effort, and a lot of research, it is entirely possible to make a living online.

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