Building Your Own Business from Home

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Building a home-based business is a challenging and rewarding adventure. Fort Myers Regional Partnership states, “There are no guarantees of success, but one of the factors that are most likely to lead to success is simply choosing the right business in the first place.” Some of the most profitable home businesses – like consulting services, for instance – require advanced education and years of professional experience. But not all aspiring entrepreneurs have those credentials. What possibilities are available for the rest of us?


Lunch Wagon
High quality lunch wagons are hot right now! Finding a niche, combined with unique branding, is key. Gourmet foods and fusion cuisines, southern comfort foods, local ethnic foods, and even classic fast foods…all have their place in scooping up lunch-hour profits. Obviously, your vehicle would be your greatest expense, but beyond that and food the costs can be minimal. Many lunch wagons partner with local restaurants, serving hot and ready meals without having to run a licensed commercial kitchen.

Location and marketing are important as well. Industrial parks – or roadsides and empty lots along the way – are ideal. Many local businesses in the area would be willing to rent out a part of their parking lot or even a patch of grass along the side of their building where you can set up shop. Be ready to pass out flyers, maintain an online presence (social media and a dedicated website), and fax the weekly specials (with coupons) to businesses in the areas you’re targeting.

A digital SLR with high quality lenses and a home computer will get you started. You don’t need to keep upgrading to the top of the line camera body, though. Instead, get a semi-professional SLR and spend the big bucks on lenses and flash/lighting equipment. Start small, only buying what you need. You can do a lot with just a couple lenses and a flash with a swivel head.

Don’t count on word-of-mouth to propel you to instant success. Go after clients and don’t just expect them to come to you. Expect to spend 10 hours promoting and marketing your business for every hour spent on location, and do not work for free! Instead, know your craft and provide a higher quality product with reliable, dependable, professional service every time.

Busy, 2-income families just don’t have the time to keep up with the cleaning, and you might already have everything you need to start today! You’re probably not the first cleaning company they’ve hired, though, so don’t overlook the details like the last company did, and your clients will bring you back for repeat business…and they might just tell their friends!

Author bio: Karlee Wiggins blogs about business and marketing.  She enjoys spending time with family and shopping in her spare time.

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  1. It’s so liberating that anyone can start a business from home now, exciting too! The age of the entrepreneur is here.

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