Business Logistics: How to Make Sure Your Products are Protected During Delivery

Business Logistics How to Make Sure Your Products are Protected During Delivery

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Business Logistics How to Make Sure Your Products are Protected During Delivery

Businesses that create quality products that are in demand with consumers can still run into serious problems. Sometimes this happens during the distribution stage. When a product is shipped out to consumers or retailers, it may end up damaged. This can result in returns, lost profit and unsatisfied customers. An important part of business logistics is insuring products remain protected while in transit. Here are some tips that can help make sure your products are protected during delivery.

Offer Shipment Tracking

A shipment that becomes lost during delivery on its way from your business to the consumer is one sure fire way to permanently lose business. You should offer shipment tracking to consumers so they can be updated on the status and location of a package during each step of the process. It’s also good intelligence to have. You’ll be able to quickly trouble shoot what went wrong during the delivery process and make adjustments. If your products are being stolen at a certain post office, for example, you will know.

Educate Partners

You need to have a strong relationship with distributors or delivery services to avoid problems. This relationship should include two way communication. You must be able to communicate effectively to that third party about how to take care of your products during shipment to avoid issues. If they don’t listen to your instructions, find a company that will. Otherwise, you will be losing money needlessly to their incompetence.

Choose the Right Packaging

The packaging chosen is one of the keys to insuring your products remain protected while in transit. If you choose the wrong packaging, every single shipment of your product could end up damaged. Even worse, if your customers don’t complain immediately, you may be losing a good volume of your business without even knowing it. Do a good amount of research into choosing the right kind of packaging for each product you sell and distribute via shipping. For example, you may find the large paper tube packaging available from companies like Commonwealth Inc. is best for protecting your products when transported by rail.

Overall, put a lot of thought into packaging when planning your logistics. If you don’t, the cost for your company could end up turning into a serious impairment to your long term prospects. It can be a significant cost that can remove your profit margin and put a quick halt to any plans for expansions you may have had. Always perform the necessary research to determine the best choice for shipment packaging.

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  1. I am in need of a good courier company for my business and have been shopping around for one for a while with not much luck. I love your tips on packaging and making sure I know what kind of packaging the company uses. I also love the idea of establishing a two-way line of communication between us and them.

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