The Emerging Trends In B2B Digital Marketing

B2B marketing through digital means is quite a new catch and is slowly but gradually catching on as the preferred form of reaching business consumers. This transformation is happening quite fast and a lot of interesting trends have been observed lately which tend to have piqued interest in what the world of digitization has on offer for B2B buyers and sellers and how can it make the coming together of both these parties onto a more cohesive platform where deals and communication and a matter of fact outreach, becomes not only maximized but also effective.

Digital Marketing is now become diffused in the umbrella of marketing and many leads in the marketing department of various organizations have stopped differentiating between the digital and the conventional. It is now considered a part of the overall business strategy in the B2B sphere.

One of the latest trends in B2B marketing is the financial resources being spent on innovation and research. A large chunk of being money is being directed towards development which keeps companies ahead of others in the curve. What companies want as the outcome has been kept pretty simple. Their expectations with technology is to provide them with the best tools to convert leads into proper revenue generating sales. Companies are inclined to get big data related to market analytics hubs related to digital marketing as the outcomes of money being rolled out for innovation.

We all are now digitally connected with our handheld devices leading the way in connecting us to no end possible. B2B companies are on the prowl to develop mobile apps to initiate and reach consumers. App based marketing is quite comprehensive as it is more responsive to the consumer than a website and gives the feel of a wholesome personal experience because of its amazing ability to be customized according to individual needs. Apps provide a wide variety of other advantages in terms of marketing for B2B companies of which the most prominent one is the ability to nurture and blend in campaigns through the app platform when the product is still some time from being launched and sold in the market. A marketing campaign before the launch is a tantalizing prospect and has heightened chances of making the product to be launched a roaring success.

Previously considered a damp squib and a wastage of money, email marketing is now on the rise again as one of the focal points of digital marketing. “Blasts” are still looked down upon and considered spam, what B2B marketers really are to focus on now is to create a more personalized and custom approach in creating content and aesthetics related to emails as most of them now open up in mobiles and handheld touch tablets which make it more important to get the attention of the individual on a more personalized level. Email marketing allows for companies selling a lot of equipment of a very wide variety to market each of their product effectively and through an alienated approach. Companies who function as business marketplaces and bring together the buyer and seller by giving them a platform have a lot to gain from the personalized throws of email marketing.

But but but…. There are emerging problems on digital marketing as well which stand a high chance of rendering a lot of efforts of B2B marketers in vain. Ad blockers have made the work of marketers increasingly difficult as users now have greater control of how and what they want to view or not and the number of users of ad blockers is growing globally very fast. Another viral phenomena is the BOT fraud which often bloats up the number of visitors or onlookers to a substantial scale often misleading the B2B marketers. Monetized audience numbers are often not wholly true due to BOT visits becoming rampant making it increasingly difficult to trust campaign data or outreach numbers.

B2B marketing has a lot on offer in terms of the digital world and it has its downsides as well but sailing through these waters will require insight, data and above all the ability to detect trends before they come up to capitalize on them and gain something great out of them.

Image Source: Flickr