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Last Updated on February 4, 2010 by Work In My Pajamas

Many new affiliates often ask me how do I pick and choose which affiliate programs to promote on my websites.  Well, it depends. How’s that for an answer?! Oh, you wanted more information?

When I started affiliate marketing over ten years ago and there was a specific online store I wanted to promote, I simply scoped over the said website (usually the bottom of the page in the footer) looking for a “Affiliates” or “Associates Program” link. I applied, promoted, got paid.

Nowadays, I get bombarded with emails and phone calls asking me to “join their program.” They all claim they are the best and have the highest payouts, and most end up in the trash with a click of the delete button.

If I do see a program that may be worthy of my attention, I research it a bit by reading affiliate reviews of that program. I want to gain insight on how well the program converts, if they allow parasites (because I don’t want to even try to compete with parasiteware), and most of all do they pay on time?

So how do you do an analysis an affiliate program?  AceAffiliates wrote a great article on “How to Find Valid Affiliate Program Reviews (by Real People)” that goes over ways to do just that…

  • Use Google Search
  • Use Twitter Search
  • Use Forum Search
  • Check Q&A Sites
  • Check Trusted Third-Party Affiliate Program Review Services
  • Use Your Common Sense

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  1. So if you your review isn’t in Ace Affiliates don’t bother trying to recruit? Are you part owner?

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