List of Websites That Offer Free Images You Can Use In Blog Posts

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Last Updated on December 28, 2020 by Work In My Pajamas

Finding the perfect image to use in a blog post sometimes takes just as long as writing the post! Gone are the days when you can borrow an image from another site and just give them a credit link back. A few years ago I did this, and it turned out that the site that I credited did not have authorization to use that photo. I was sent a threatening letter to remove and pay up for using it. Luckily I had an attorney review the letter, and they did not have a legitimate claim, but I immediately removed the photo anyway and now make sure I’m able to use any images I use on my sites.

I asked my friends which online sites they use to grab free images to use in blog posts, and they came up with dozens of different resources. I compiled the list of free image sites to share with fellow bloggers who also may need help finding images. Some may require a link back to credit them, which I think is fair. List updated 3/4/18.

Free Images For Blog Posts

  1. 123RF
  2. 1 Million Free Pictures
  3. 365psd
  4. 4 Free Photos
  5. Burst Photos (from Shopify)
  7. Compfight – some can not be altered (i.e. adding words to them) & some require photo credit
  8. Creative Commons
  9. Creative Market
  10. Cupcake
  11. DepositPhotos – offers free photos, vectors & videos; changes weekly
  12. EveryStockPhoto
  13. Flickr – search Creative Commons licensed work
  15. GoodFreePhotos
  16. Google Images – select “Labeled for reuse” under “Search tools”
  17. GraphicBurger
  18. Gratisography
  19. HubSpot – links to more stockphoto searches
  20. Jay Mantri
  21. KaboomPics
  22. Kozzi – 7 Days Free Downloads
  23. Life Of Pix
  24. Little Visuals – 7 free hi-res images
  25. Magdeleine
  26. MMT Stock
  27. MorgueFile
  28. Move East
  29. MyCuteGraphics
  30. New Old Stock – vintage photos
  31. OpenClipArt
  32. PDPics
  33. Pexels
  34. PhotoPublicDomain
  35. Photos-Public-Domain
  36. Phototeria
  37. PicDrome
  38. Pickup Image
  39. Picography
  40. Pixabay (my personal favorite go-to)
  41. Pond5
  42. Public Domain Archive
  43. Public Domain Vectors
  44. Public Domain Clip Art
  45. Public-Domain-Image
  46. Public-Domain-Photos
  48. SkitterPhoto
  49. Snapwire Snaps – 7 free photos every 7 days
  50. SplitShire
  51. Startup Stock Photos
  52. StockSnap
  53. StokPic – 10 new photos every 2 weeks
  54. Travel Coffee Book
  55. TurboPhoto
  56. Unsplash – 10 new photos every 10 days
  57. Ultra HD Wallpapers
  58. Wikimedia Commons
  59. Wikipedia
  60. WP Clipart

Once you find an image(s) to use, you can add text such as your blog post title and website URL as well as borders, etc. I use Stencil that searches free image databases (or I can upload an image), then and add text to create images for social media. Pinterest images bring me the most traffic.

P.S.S. Want an image that not everyone and their dog is already using? You can buy images relatively inexpensive (i.e. $1 each) at

Which resource is your favorite to use for free images? Am I missing any to add to the list? Leave comment with your favorite sites for free images.

free images

10 thoughts on “List of Websites That Offer Free Images You Can Use In Blog Posts”

  1. Great list of free image sites to use on your site Kim.
    I use many of those you have listed. Have you ever tried kleki? It is an image editing tool you can use online, no plugin or download. It’s a straight online graphics program to make or edit graphic files. Google it…I just started using it myself

  2. Thanks for the list, this is really useful, one of the things I love best about blogging is not the writing but being able to create images myself. Sometimes I hit brick walls and can’t be creative so going elsewhere for images is a plus. No days people are ready to sue you, if you are not careful and doing the right thing. By the way, I am a new comer to blogging and every time I find posts like this one I am very grateful

  3. Awesome list. Thank you. I am using a few of them, but it is always awesome to have some additional sources.


  4. Pixabay is my first stop when I need a free image. It has not disappointed me so far.


  5. David and Brett, thanks for the kind words!
    Peter, Pixabay is my favorite, too!
    Yinan, thanks for the resource – it’s on the list!
    Paul, I will check that resource out – thanks!

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