Free Shirt Friday – Market Leverage

Unboxxing MarketLeverage Duffel Bag

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Last Updated on March 11, 2018 by Work In My Pajamas

Unboxxing MarketLeverage Duffel Bag

I had Tatym videotape me opening the big bag of goodies that Debby Banning of Market Leverage sent me this week. And this isn’t just some exhibit hall schwag, this is some NICE (expensive) stuff…

WOW!  Can anyone beat that?  And all I asked for was a t-shirt! Thank you, thank you!

I have to admit I forgot I was even an affiliate for Market Leverage (so many CPA networks, so little time), but you can guarantee I won’t forget about them now!  In fact, I have their page of offers opened up on my other side-by-side screen looking at their offers now to promote.  And they have a co-registration program which I’m excited to test out.

What are doing still reading this?  Go sign up to be a Market Leverage affiliate yourself and see if they like you as much as they like me. Or vice versa. 😉

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