Top 5 CPA Networks for Bloggers

CPA Networks for Bloggers

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It used to be that CPA Networks were mostly made up of email capture scams where visitors would enter their email address thinking they’d get a free iPad or something else of high value, and after completing free offer after offer after offer, they didn’t getting anything free except a boatload of spammy emails.  And affiliates promoted those to earn $1 per email. I hated those offers.  Okay, hate is a strong word… I very much disliked those offers because they were misleading and made my sites look bad.  I combed through every network trying to find legitimate offers for my visitors.

A couple have stood the test of time, and now with bloggers wanting to monetize their site, new “blogger networks” are popping up.  These are the (I will still call them CPA) networks that I personally use and recommend.  I am not ranking them by my favorite, but by the order in which I joined each of them.

CPA Networks for Bloggers

1. MySavings

This was one of the first CPA networks I joined, and they are still going strong; they even recently upgraded their platform, which was a pain to update links and such, but it appears it has been worth the hassle.

2. Perform[cb]

Perform[cb], previously called Clickbooth, is a subsidiary of IntegraClick, led by CEO Erin Cigich. The company’s 26 awards from 2004 to 2008 attest to their belief in performance-based marketing, making it a popular choice.

CPA Networks for Bloggers

3. EscalateMedia

EscalateMedia is a digital marketing and affiliate network company that connects advertisers with publishers to promote products and services. They offer performance-based marketing solutions, including display advertising, email marketing, and social media marketing, to help businesses increase their online visibility and reach their target audience.

4. GlobalWide Media

GlobalWide Media is a digital marketing company that provides advertisers and publishers reach target audiences and achieve marketing objectives. They specialize in affiliate marketing, mobile advertising, and display advertising. The company has a global presence and works with a variety of industries, including finance, health and wellness, and e-commerce.

5. Value Savings Network

This is the newest network I just joined (2014).  There are not of lot of offers yet, but the ones they have are good ones! For instance, they are paying out 75¢ per every $1 off diaper rash coupon printed! Value Savings Network (VSN) was a performance-based marketing company that specialized in providing solutions for the financial services industry. VSN offered many services, including affiliate marketing, lead generation, and pay-per-call marketing. The company worked with a variety of businesses in the financial industry, including banks, credit unions, and insurance providers. Unfortunately VSN no longer exists.

CPA Networks for Bloggers

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