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college student

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As a college student, you obviously have had to forgo a night out with your friends or had to just ogle at that beautiful dress every time you pass by it because you did not have extra cash to spend. But, that should not be the case because there are thousands of ways to make money online.

college student

However, without sugar coating it, most students are lazy and fear to get out of their comfort zone. They come up with excuses about having busy schedules or lack of capital. But these are quite lame excuses because there are a thousand and one jobs out there that you can do without any capital except for your laptop, internet connection and of course your commitment. Take for example the numerous essay and review writing jobs available in sites like edusson reviews, and others. Some of these jobs do not even take half a day to do, and yet when done well, you can make good money.

To eliminate such lame excuses, here are some easy ways to make money in college with no capital and for just a few hours a day.

1. Online Writing

Many students have taken to online writing and it is quite understandable because it pays quite well. However, it is not that simple, as advised by Forbes, the key to making it in online writing is delivering high-end content, networking with potential clients and identifying your stronghold niche.

2. Become an SEO expert

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular online writing jobs and of good pay. It does not require much, but if you want to be a guru, you can take some few online courses. However, for the small companies that do not need a lot of expertise, you only need to be a little analytical and companies will be running after you to do their SEO contents, and not the other way round. SEO pays well and with enough effort, you can make as much as $60 per hour.

3. Essay and Review writing

It might come as a surprise but that essay that the lecturer teaches you to write is just another easy way to make money in college and it can earn you fortunes. Sites like Edusson provide lots and lots of essay writing opportunities every day.

4. Start a blog

What is your passion? What is your hobby? Do you love trends and fashion? Do you love cars? Whatever it is that you love can become your source of income. Get one of those free or low maintenance websites and put some good quality and informative content on them and within a month you will start paying your own rent. Most of the successful blogging websites started as simple as that and now the owners are making six figures just from them.

5. Do transcription jobs

Are you a keen listener and a fast typist? If yes, then how to make money online should be the least of your worries because that’s all it takes to be a transcriber. This job entails listening to an audio and typing its content; nothing technical or analytical. Getting these jobs is not difficult. There are lots of them in sites like iwriter, Upwork, Freelancer. You can also cold pitch which entails looking for direct clients. Best targets are podcasters, vloggers and other industries who want their episodes in hard copy.

6. Sell your old textbooks

Do not worry if you are not a good writer, typist, or listener. There are still several other ways you can use to make money online and selling some of your old books is one of them. This does not take much and all you have to do is open an account in sites like BookScouter or Amazon, then package the item well. You should also know how to market your products. Use catchy descriptions and write a short but informative paragraph on what the customer will be getting if they buy the item.

7. Sell old Stuff

Do you have old pairs of shoes, old clothes, bags, books or any other thing that is still in good shape but you feel you cannot use it anymore? Do not throw it away because you can sell such stuff on eBay. What’s better, you can end up getting more money than what you spent on buying the item while new. Apart from your old stuff, you can also look for cheap places to buy stuff, then resell them on eBay at a little bit higher prices. As recently featured in The Guardian, there are many websites to sell on, in fact, there are many that will only charge when your item gets sold, though others charge you for posting.

8. Sell photos

You probably are thinking you have to be a professional photographer to be able to sell photos online. That’s not the case. You do not even have to own a point-to-shoot camera to sell photos online. You can use your Android or iOS phone and take quality photos that you can sell to various companies.

9. Do online surveys

While surveys are not that well-paying, they do not take up much time and that means you can do lots of them in a day and make a reasonable amount of money. Spare some of your time and try out some surveys with companies like Survey Junkie and decide whether or not the pay is worth those few minutes.

10. Play games, watch ads, watch videos

As crazy as that may sound, watching videos and playing some games is just another tip on how to make money online and some people actually get paid for it. This too does not bring in a lot of money, but when you do a lot of it and fast, you can make as much money as someone doing other jobs like online writing. Swagbucks is one of the commonly known companies that pay for such tasks.

11. Try out Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing entails partnering with businesses and brands and linking their products to your web content so that anytime a customer purchases a product through your link, you get paid. This requires that you have a functional website or blog. A helpful suggestion from Forbes is that, for the products you link to your content, they should be related. For example, if you’re running a health and beauty fashion, the product you mention should be something like shampoo, body oil and so on.

12. Google Adsense

If you have ever used the internet then you obviously have come across some google ads advertising this or that. These ads earn people money and it could earn you some too. According to BBC, Google is the biggest advertising business. The good thing is that it does not require much to set them up. All you have to do is get a functional website or blog then contact google from which you will get a code to have the ads running on your website. As simple as that, you will receive payment depending on the views and traffic on your website, and besides, the website does not have to be five-star, just a basic one is enough to get the cash rolling in.

There are several ways on how to make money in college and they do not require a lot of time, neither do they need much capital. All you need is the genuine desire to make it happen and it will.

12 Ways Students Can Make Money Online

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