How Small Business Owners Can Screen Potential Employees

How Small Business Owners Can Screen Potential Employees

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How Small Business Owners Can Screen Potential Employees

Small businesses don’t have the resources larger businesses do when it comes to recruiting and screening potential employees. Screening candidates, however, is very important to ensure your company hires the right people from the very beginning. Here are some ways small business owners can screen potential employees.

Use Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant tracking software has become more accessible to small businesses. This type of software will automatically search through resumes for you based on inputted search filters and keep all information about final candidates in one place. Applicant tracking software is practically a must if you are receiving too many applications to handle. Your other option in this situation is to outsource the recruiting process entirely. It will be up to your company to determine which option is the most cost-effective.

Conduct Background Checks

Quality, professional background checks are well worth it to find accurate facts and data about a candidate. They can prevent your company from being taken to court over hiring negligence. Professional background checks are provided by a number of services, so investigate them carefully to choose the right one to work with. Know that if you do start conducting background checks, you will need to comply with all relevant Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations.

Check Social Media

This is entirely free and an excellent way to get an idea of a candidate’s personality. Aside from a candidate’s LinkedIn profile, which you have already likely checked, look at their Facebook account, Twitter feed, YouTube channel, Instagram, blog and any other social media site you can find. If you see repeated patterns of behavior you don’t want in a candidate, you can pass on them. However, if you see insightful commentary and involvement in your industry, they might be someone to call in for an interview.

Ask for Cover Letters

Not every job posting asks for cover letters, but you should. This is because cover letters give you a much greater insight into the minds of your applicants than resumes do. Resumes tell you about an individual’s education level and work history, but don’t give much of an impression about their personality. Cover letters do. By simply asking for cover letters and taking the time to skim them, you can select the candidates from your applicants who have a real passion for what you do and the right personality to work with your team.

Even with limited resources, small companies can and should make the effort to screen applicants thoroughly. Doing so will help you find the right employees who will be valuable assets in your company’s growth. Screen potential employees so you can be sure to get the best ones.

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