How to Drive Traffic to Your Company Website

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January is a famously slow month for many businesses. Following the Christmas rush and the subsequent downturn in consumer spending, many companies find themselves losing out on trade at the start of a new year. But in within this slump lies opportunity: the opportunity to build your companys profile, develop the brand, increase visibility, and drive increased traffic to your companys website.

This article provides the pointers youll need to achieve just that. By following the advice below, youll achieve a higher hit count onto your site, which of course drives sales and profits for your business.

Online Advertising

Your first port of call to get more traffic onto your website is to conduct a marketing campaign that focuses on online advertising. Its cheap, simple to run, and your success rates will be measurable, which means that youll be able to tinker with your formula to make your campaign as effective as possible.

You have two main choices when it comes to advertising your company online. First, you may choose to outsource to a specialist marketing company wholl be able to provide you with the statistics and data you require to make further business decisions about your marketing strategy. Outsourced help will be more likely to drive targeted advertising thats in turn more likely to provide a return on your investment.

Alternatively, youre able to go it alone by using the marketing techniques or deploying the marketing team that you possess in-house. While you may not be as successful as outsourced help, youll still be able to use social media to market your company for free, perhaps creating visual content to increase consumersrecognition of your brand in the online space.

Boost Your SEO

The second way to increase traffic to your site is to boost its SEO capabilities. SEO is the acronym given to Search Engine Optimization– a process that helps your website URL climb up Googles search results page. The higher you finish in these results, the more likely consumers are to click onto your website after writing a search query into Google.

Youre again able to use outsourced help in this department – advisable, given that SEO tinkering is an expert and specialist discipline. Creatif Digital is an Austin SEO company with expert knowledge in helping websites garner more traffic. Agencies like themselves help companies attract those web users whore actively searching for a company just like theirs.

If youve not got the budget to use an agency with your SEO-boosting, youll still have the option of deploying a few of the easier tricks of the trade in-house. Simply research and implement some simple SEO-boosting steps thatll help your web content cast invisible lines out into the internet with which to tell in more relevant traffic to your site.


All in all, your January efforts to draw in more traffic to your company site are twofold: use modern online marketing techniques, and boost your SEO strategy. With this two-pronged approach, youre guaranteed to see increased traffic to your site, which will help your company through the infamous January slump.

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