There are an estimated 1.54 million people now working from home in the UK like me, and if you do too, then your home is your number one asset. It’s more than just a place to rest your head at night as it provides a base from which you run your business and your life.

How to Protect Your Home When It's Also Your Office

At this intersection of life and money, it’s important to make sure that you’re taking care of your home and nurturing it in the same way you are your business; that way your business will be safe in the years to come and you won’t have to go back to the 9-5 anytime soon, and your home will still be your sanctuary when the working day is done. Read on to find out how to protect your home when it’s also your workplace. 

Keep your Home Office Secure and Locked

When you’re working from home as an employee of a large company it’s often the case that you’ll be looking after valuable company property from the safety of your home. Making sure to be vigilant when handling sensitive documents is crucial. Keeping your home office under lock and key is one of the best ways to keep confidential documents and property away from prying eyes and installing a CCTV system is an added layer of security.

Invest in a Dedicated Workspace to Make your House Feel like a ‘Home’

Having a dedicated place to work in the home will make creating a healthy work-life balance much easier. There are more and more companies these days whose sole purpose is to create amazing garden offices and if you’re working from home on a regular basis and want to protect the ‘homely’ feel of your abode, then having a designated place to work is a great option. Garden buildings offer that perfect balance between working from home whilst reducing the distractions of everyday life meaning your house is still a home. If you’re looking to finance an upgrade to your home office then find out more information from Car Cash Point and find out if you could be eligible for a low rate loan against the value of your vehicle.

Schedule ‘off’ Days Into your Working Routine

Working from home might sound to many like the dream ticket and one which offers complete freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility and often, this can become too much. It’s important when regularly working from home to give yourself time away from work. It’s all too easy to pick up the laptop on a Saturday morning and catch up next week’s emails, but doing so defeats the purpose of gaining independence and freedom from the office. Instead of freedom, you’ll be trapped inside the ‘office’ at home. Doing so can cause a problem and makes your home feel more like the office every day. 

When your home is also your office, you deserve it to be somewhere which is not only a productive space but is also a protected one. Whether it’s home repairs or home security, the above ways will ensure your office is an area you’re happy to work from.