Living in a small town in the middle of nowhere (aka hickville), not many locals understand exactly what I do for a living, other than I sit at home on my arse all day in front of the computer. Some people think I sell stuff on ebay. Other people think I make porn in my basement.

Those people that actually own a computer and are exploring the world wide web often think I do website design. Thus why I get various inquiries from people and businesses asking if I’ll design a website for them.  Sorry, can’t do it. Sure I do some of my own design work, but I myself outsource most of it.

So if you are looking to have a website designed, here’s some options for you (in alphabetical order as to not be biased)…

AlexBet.com – Alexander Betinski has done great work for many of my colleagues.

iGroupStudios – Interactive design studio owned by my uncle with top named clients such as Suze Orman.

Gleames Creative Design – Local to my area (Northeast Nebraska).

Lutz Creative – My classmate is a partner there, so thought I’d give them a plug.

Synner Design –  My brother has created almost all of of my website logos & graphics.

Any more graphic designer that I should add to the list?