I Squidoo, Do You?

Does Squidoo Still Exist

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I originally signed up for a free Squidoo account because I noticed they have great rankings in the Search Engines. What I didn’t realize is that you can earn royalties on your content (or you donate it to charity)!

See an example of the first Lens I made to promote ShoppingBookmarks.com. And it is already indexed in Google! Then I made one for my Preemie Twins. And if I find a spare moment anytime soon, I build some more!

What are you waiting for? Build your Squidoo Lens now!

Does Squidoo Still Exist

Does Squidoo Still Exist?

No, Squidoo was rolled into HubPages in 2014. Squidoo founder Seth Godin said that after serving as a content publishing platform for nearly a decade, Squidoo would be rolled into content-sharing site HubPages.

What Is Squidoo Lens Creation?

There is a sort of lens called a Squidoo lens. It’s like you’re creating an entire website within one big page. You create your own Squidoo Lens and use it to share what you’re interested in.

How Does Squidoo Make Money?

AKA How Did Squidoo Make Money?

When someone clicked an ad on the site, the webmaster would make a commission. Users who created lenses were called lensmasters. Squidoo offered lensmasters various tools to create unique and informative lenses.

How Do You Make Money on HubPages?

You publish informative articles on subjects you’re passionate about. When people read your blogs, occasional clicks on ads can lead to a share of the revenue generated.

Does Squidoo Still Exist

Is HubPages Free?

You get a free membership and so there is no need to worry about paying anything upfront. Once you have set up your account, the next step is to create your “hub,” which is like your own blog on the HubPages platform.

How Do I Write a Hub Page Article?

Develop your own style, study keywords and SEO, and use social media to keep updated. Always make sure that you are working within the guidelines of a platform before publishing.

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