There are many websites which have experienced sudden fall in their search engine ranking due to the change in Google Panda algorithm; here, the changes were made to existing algorithm so that the rankings of the low quality content website is dropped down paving way for the good ones to come up. This release has been introduced to safeguard online market against content farms, web spammers, scraper sites and other SEO companies encouraging such tactics. If an individual would think to index the total number of websites available online, it will not be possible manually. Indexing is done successfully with the use of an algorithm guiding the internet functionalities.

There are experts who prefer to use their technical knowledge in understanding the working principle of the algorithm and then plan out tactics to exploit the same within the purview of applicable guidelines. Earlier, many web designers and SEO service providers were hired by organizations and big companies to boost their online visibility by using contents with over-stuffed keywords, link building techniques are adapted for self interest, i.e., earning more revenue. Thus, poor quality of web designs were at their verge to over-power the genuine candidates who were consistently trying to optimize their website and relevant contents to drive huge traffic to their official website. After the introduction of latest updates from Google Panda release, new improvement can be witnessed quiet clearly, such as:

  • An important consideration for reputed and renowned search engine optimization companies, like SEO company London, that display of relevant information must be formulated through text instead of images so that spider crawler do not find problem in crawling between dynamic pages otherwise it might lower down your SEO ranking.

  • Minimum links are used for directing the content to a particular page of a website so that convenience factor does not be at stake.

  • Maintaining a high quality content so that consistency in search engine raking listing could be sustained.

  • Sitemap must be incorporated to each and every website so that users may be able to reach to the important section of the website at ease.

  • Overstuffed keywords in any website shall project self benefitted approach as a result it shall either be deleted or shall be intimated for further modification.

There is a set of SEO companies also who comprise of of professional and skilled members who collectively form a team to serve their client, but their objective of service delivery is based on guidelines on their genuine and competent SEO service providing capability. It has been observed that self claimed service providers are now incapable of trapping people in their fraudulently planned network of search engine optimization. Transparency needs to be maintained as a result contact details along with office addresses must be mentioned such that no visitors might feet suspicious. Unnecessary social networking sites might not be used for direct promotions of your products and pressurizing users to join your page or converse regarding the product you deal in.

Thus, a conclusion can be drawn stating the fact that internet has been introduced as a medium to bring close the entire world with regards to trade and commerce. But gradually, this boon became bane because of its misuse by the mankind. Advancement comes along with the responsibility, wherein online users need to report back to the administrator with regards to irrelevance or fake websites being launched. Many times, while socializing, people often complain regarding websites posting advertisements on their walls or sending emails with different links and unnecessary blocking their inbox capacity. One needs to understand that efforts required to be made from both the end, i.e., at users end as well as at network administrator’s end. Bringing frequent updates to improvise implementation of SEO process can become effective only when users follow the guidelines to eradicate scammers and other such activist who could be responsible for transforming internet as an illegal mean to benefit wrong people.