How to Increase Sales in a Mobile World

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More people use mobile phones than desktop computers to connect to the internet in 2017. This is the culmination of a long slide towards mobile over the last ten years.

The good news is that the world is prepared for this change. All the major ecommerce platforms have been optimized for mobile for many years now, so you don’t have to build new solutions from scratch. Marketers have had the opportunity to develop new retail marketing ideas to prepare for the change.

Your business can benefit from the proliferation of mobile phones. This guide shows you how to leverage mobile to get more sales.

Mobile Advertising

Social media advertising is a powerful way to reach people through their phones. Here are two ways to use it in your retail marketing strategy.

  1. Create a regional filter on Snapchat. It’s surprisingly affordable to do this in most markets. When these filters are done right, lots of people will use them for snaps.
  2. Use Facebook ads to tap into social media. With Facebook’s extreme audience segmentation, you can reach the perfect target market. Better yet, you can advertise your inventory based on real time data from your retail location. That’s powerful retail marketing.

Incentive Programs

Why do all of the retail marketing work yourself? Incentive programs turn your biggest fans into your biggest brand evangelists.

Many of your fans would love to spread the world about your product. By rewarding them for their referrals, you turn the referral process into a game. This makes the process more rewarding and habit-forming.

A good rule of thumb is to always create a strong visual interface for your referral program. When your fans can see their progress visually, they’re more likely to get excited about the process.

Build a Chatbot on Facebook

Facebook Messenger’s artificial intelligence platform is now available to all businesses. You can build branded AI bots on the platform, known as chatbots.

Your fans will love your chatbot. They can ask it questions and receive brief, accurate answers. They can look up prices about products and services based on real time information. Most importantly, they can place an order without leaving the Messenger window.

Chatbots are one of the more futuristic retail marketing ideas at your disposal. You can be one of the first businesses to offer your customers an artificial intelligence enabled platform to engage on. They will be impressed with your technical acumen.

Be Active On Social Media

In a world where people are constantly looking at their phones, the social media news feed is valuable real estate. Put your brand at the top of the feed to be at the top of your audience’s mind at all times.

Many people do not ever separate from their phones. They are continuously connected to the internet, often receiving intrusive push notifications every few minutes. That’s why a good social media strategy is a good retail marketing strategy.

Develop a consistent posting schedule, such as once a day, across several key platforms. Measure your results and iterate from there.

Selling More on Mobile

The mobile-majority trend is not going away . The usage of the internet on mobile devices will continue to outpace desktop usage for at least the next few years.

Your business has to be ready for the future. Try out all of the tactics in this guide to update your marketing process. If you do, you will prosper in the new world of mobile.

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