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1. How did PRUnderground come into fruition?

I actually acquired in September of 2013, but it was started in 2008. It was created as a basic online press release service but has expanded distribution to include Google News, social media, and 50+ new sites including,, International Business Times,, Restaurant News, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, TravelWeekly,, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and more.

2. How does compare as a press release service alternative to PRWeb or PRNewswire?

At $20-$39 per press release, is much more affordable than PRWeb or PRNewswire, which typically run from $99-$399. But we also do not have the same distribution as those services yet. A lot of companies do not want to spend $100+ to get their news out on to the web, so we provide a great alternative to the high-priced news wires. Also we have been ranked higher in customer satisfaction than those services.

3. I see PRUnderground not only distributes press releases to Google News and various news sites, but also via social media. Can you share which social network you think gains the best response?

Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon seem to provide the most activity, especially when we use relevant hashtags. Real example:

4. If the opportunity arises, would you sell PRUnderground to a venture capitalist?

Currently I am not interested in selling the business as it continues to grow and I want to keep pushing to see where it can go. There may be a point in the future, but not until I have done all I can to grow it and provide a compelling and affordable product. There is a huge market to be served between the expensive services and the spammy free services.

5. Finally tell me a bit about your personal self (ie family, where you live, any hobbies outside the internet, etc).

I recently moved from New York City to the SF Bay Area to give my family more space and better winters! Love music and used to DJ house music for a monthly NYC rooftop party.

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