Interview With Norwegian Marketing Expert Gunnar Andreassen

Gunnar Andreassen

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Gunnar Andreassen is a Norwegian web designer and online marketing expert, Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified partner and a serial entrepreneur. He has also authored the book “Conquer the Web – The Secrets to Online Success.” And I recently had the opportunity to interview him!

Tell Me a Bit About Yourself

I was born in 1971 in a small town in the north of Norway. I was born on the eve of the digital revolution, so things like games and education was infused with computers. Maybe I have spent more time with computers than the average of my age, but I have always liked computers. Later my interest in marketing was peaked by education and working in the advertising industry. So when the Internet erupted between 1990 and 2000 in Norway I already had the two core elements for doing a great job: a knowledge about computers and marketing.

The dynamics of website development and marketing on the web was not so easy to fully understand at first, but by putting a lot of time on researching the subject I finally became really good at it, but it did not come easy. There was no direct education on these subjects at the time, so you had to figure it out on your own to become successful.

Gunnar Andreassen

What Was Your Very First Business?

My first commercial website was a business directory, I remember having no real office, literary working from my kitchen table and totally on my own. Success came a few months later when the site reached a high position on list of most visited websites, financial success actually came sometime later. I also learned that there is a difference between the two.

What Prompted You to Write a Book?

I have since my first company founded several companies and launched many different types of websites, so I registered my name Gunnar Andreassen as a domain, My website just tells the short version about me and what I have done. Because of this I get questions from website owners and entrepreneurs, so instead of answering all these questions I just wrote a book to save everybody time and help more people.

Do You Have Any Tips for Those Wanting to Become a Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified Partner?

My best advice to everybody offering services to other businesses online is to use the services yourself in your own business. It will take shorter time to learn the tricks of the trade and it makes it easier to become a real expert.

And Lastly, Do You Have Any Hobbies Not Related to Business?

Good question. I think that I am luck to have my hobby as a business, I am actually really interested in computers, gadgets and the web. Also, I have a small boy so my time spent on anything else naturally limits itself.

Thanks for Taking the Time for an Interview Gunnar!

Note from Kim: Gunnar also runs which is a great resource to find free font downloads. My favorites are the “Lego” and “Mountain Dew” fonts!

Gunnar Andreassen

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