How iOS App Reviews Help With App Promotion

iOS App Reviews

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iOS app reviews are a marketing trick for your app promotion. It’s a big misstep if you still don’t leverage them to increase your reach and app position. Let’s consider the benefits of ordering reviews and the best way to do it.

You need positive reviews to gain customers’ loyalty and inspire trust. Reading through reviews is a step that users make when choosing between two apps. They pay more attention to the features highlighted in reviews rather than in the description. So, highlight your advantages in the form of short stories. For instance, “A nice user-friendly app to learn English. It helped me to crack an interview and get a job”. It’ll help to turn your visitors into customers and positively affect your conversion.

How to Order iOS Reviews

If you want to get non-dropping reviews, follow these rules:

  • Don’t buy 100 positive reviews on the same day. Pay attention to the installs and reviews ratio. For new apps it should be 1 comment per 50-100 installs, for experienced ones – 1 per 20-50 downloads.
  • Make sure that a review isn’t left right after the install. The App Store will consider it suspicious and delete it.
  • The correlation between organic and paid reviews is essential as well. The number of motivated reviews shouldn’t exceed the number of organic ones more than 3 times.
  • Write unique texts. Clichés like “an amazing app” won’t be effective and most probably be deleted.
  • Don’t use spam words like “buy”, “order now”, “free bonus”, “limited offer”, etc.
  • Localize your app for regions from which you get motivated reviews. It’ll be suspicious if the only language in app settings is Hindi, and you get many comments from the Czech Republic.

As you see, iOS app reviews can improve your brand image and conversion if you order them the right way.

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