The Best Websites for Marketers to Get Freelance Jobs

Best Websites for Marketers

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It frustrates us to see companies that have great offerings and products, but no idea how to make money off of them. They need a salesperson who can help make the deal happen. Marketers of all kinds are usually found in general freelance marketplaces, so look through the usual ones first (Upwork, Guru, etc.). However, there are a few specialized ones as well.

1. People Per Hour

The PPH platform is great if you are looking to find marketers, SEO specialists, or software engineers. They cover most things right through the recruitment process but allow for fewer than 15 applications for free before charging. Browsing is free though, so definitely worth it to use.

2. Remotive

Remotive is a great place to find marketing jobs. It includes job posts from all over the world, so you know that you’ll find something that matches your needs. You can check out the job post details such as location and specialty preference with ease since they’re always visible in one glance. And best of all? It’s free!

3. Aquent

This is another great company that will introduce you to the right freelancers for the job. They’re all about helping their clients, who come to them when they need certain things done. From marketing to tech and creative–they’ve got it covered!

The importance of freelance job websites for marketers is that they are a great way to find work. They are a great way to network with other potential clients and find additional sources of income while improving as a marketer.

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