Using Artificial Intelligence to Keep Your Financial Data Safe

Keep Your Financial Data Safe

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As technology became more advanced, so has the threats. With sensitive data being stored electronically now, organizations of all sizes must be ready at all times to combat cybersecurity threats. Cybercriminals have many different options to exploit, ranging from weaknesses in authentication to phishing emails. While walls and physical locks stopped physical intruders in the past, the current cybersecurity landscape requires protection that is always changing.

Artificial Intelligence can enhance and protect against any level of sophistication. The fact that AI is searching for threats 24/7 and is always looking for signs of unauthorized entry makes it an ideal supplement to traditional cybersecurity systems. For example, AI can scan incoming emails for signs of potential phishing. AI also uses machine learning to improve automatically through experience. This means AI can adapt along with the cybersecurity threats and where the next possible threat will materialize.

Utilizing AI in your cybersecurity tools is one of the most important moves your company can make for protecting personal identifiable information. However, there are a few additional measures that your business can take. For instance, you can require employees to use a VPN whenever they are working remotely. Your IT department should also regularly maintain the latest antivirus software and firewall on all machines that have access to your network. For more information and tips on securing your financial data, consult the accompanying infographic below.

Infographic created by Donnelley Financial Solutions, an automated data extraction company

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