Despite how much people say that SEO traffic is free – that’s not the truth.

What Does an SEO Business Do for Your Company?

The truth of the matter is that you pay for the traffic up front.

And you pay less than you would pay if you kept paying for methods like PPC (pay per click) and display advertising.

When you pay an SEO business to help you rank your company, you aren’t paying them only for their knowledge. You’re paying the company for their knowledge and the actual work they do to help your site rise to the top of the search engines.

Let’s continue through this article, and you’ll learn what an SEO company can do for you.

What Is SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is the act of optimizing on-page elements of your site as well as off page signals to get higher search rankings.

There are methods that are known as white hat or safe to use methods and methods that are known as black hat SEO which could get your site banned.

There are many things you can do to help your site rank higher, and a full plan and strategy are necessary for the best results.

Why Do You Need to Hire an SEO Business?

The reason most people hire an SEO business is because they don’t know how to implement the strategies. Other people aren’t even sure where to get started.

You really have to have the right mindset and personality to build a business online.

Whether your team is maxed and you don’t have the resources you need to put SEO strategies into play or don’t understand what to do, an SEO business can help you.

Review this agency website to see an example of an SEO business.

Let’s go on to look at the benefits of SEO.

1. More Traffic

When you use SEO for your business properly, you will reach a whole other audience of people you would have missed out on otherwise.

Many people that use search engines do not use social media. Even people that think social media is a waste of time use search engines to find things they want.

When you put a good SEO strategy in place and create content consistently, you can rank for many different keywords. The more relevant keywords you rank for, the more likely you’ll be to attract search engine users to your website.

The people that visit your site from a relevant search query are highly targeted and likely to convert to good leads.

2. Respect & Trust

When your website shows up at the top of the search engines, people respect you and trust your website. If your website doesn’t show up until the 2nd, 3rd page or even beyond – no one is going to find you.

Even if someone did find your website that far down in the search engines, they are going to be a little skeptical. Why is your site so far down in the search engines?

When you show up in multiple search queries related to your topic, people start to view you as an authority. Instead of just being another person with an opinion, people want to know what you think about the situation because you’ve become a thought leader.

3. Builds Your Brand

SEO builds your brand because people start to see your company’s name more and more. As people start to see your company’s name, logos and more, you develop brand recognition.

Brand development is an important part of business strategy now more than ever. Customers like to purchase from brands they know will back up their claims with warranties, refunds, and other trust-building guarantees.

4. User Experience

If you’ve tried to find something on Google or another search engine to no avail, then you know how frustrating this is.

Focusing on optimizing your website so it is easy for people to find your products and services will help you and your customers. The more ads and promotions you run, the more people will start to search for your company online.

Don’t make people dig to find you. You shouldn’t only be optimized for your company name, but you want to optimize for what you do.

For instance, if you’re an attorney in Las Vegas that specializes in divorce, you want to rank for the term Las Vegas divorce attorney. Even if people don’t know you specifically, you’ll make it easy for them to find you.

5. Long-Term Traffic

PPC which stands for pay per click is a short-term traffic strategy. When you stop paying for traffic, the traffic goes away.

While that might not be the worst thing, if you use SEO services that know what they are doing – you can get long-term traffic.

If you search on Google or other search engines, you probably notice there are many results that come up and are over a year old. Some results are even two, three, four and even ten years old.

As long as the information is still good and helpful, the traffic will keep coming in from people searching for the content on your website.

Build Your Business Up Online

Even if you aren’t ready to hire an SEO business, you may want to get started writing a blog. Blogging is a great way to get attention online.

If you don’t have a blog, you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers. Want to get started? Read our blog post about how to start blogging.