With over 3.7 million people working from home at least part-time, you might be wondering how you can dive in yourself.

home based marketing jobs

Working remotely has its pros and cons, but one of the biggest challenges many people face is being able to find work they can do from home. As a marketer, you can get excited because there are home-based marketing jobs you can do and still bring home the bacon.

Continue reading this article to learn about the marketing jobs you can do from home.

1. Marketing Copywriter

If you are great at copywriting, you don’t have to have a lot of experience. What you do need are great samples of your work.

Don’t get caught up on where you’ve been published or who has bought your work, what is important is that your marketing copy gets your customers the results that they want.

2. Marketing Analyst

If you catch small details and find it enjoyable to pore through countless numbers, then being a marketing analyst might be the perfect thing for you.

After you analyze the information you’re provided with you, then turn it into a strategy to get the word out about the company and bring in more sales.

3. Digital Marketing Manager

When you’re working as a digital marketing manager, you’ll do your fair share of growth marketing. Getting out in front of people, getting their attention, and engaging people the way they want to be engaged will make your digital marketing strategy a success.

If you’ve already been doing digital marketing from your workplace, you may be able to convince your boss to allow you to work from home.

The digital marketing manager role will have you overseeing digital marketing tasks but doing so remotely. Many times digital marketing managers that are working remotely will have teams that work all over the world.

4. Social Media Marketing Manager

Social media is a never-ending stream of thoughts and information from people all over the world. If you aren’t constantly putting out content, you’re going to get lost amongst the many other people that are trying to get your target audience’s attention.

As a social media marketing manager, you make sure the content gets out on all of the right platforms in a timely manner and without errors.

5. Content Marketing Strategist

Content marketing is one of the best inbound marketing strategies around. As a content marketing strategist, your job is to stay on top of what is working with content marketing and keep bringing new ideas to the table for how to use content to get the attention the business needs.

Snag One of These Great Home-Based Marketing Jobs

Now that you know about these home-based marketing jobs, it’s time for you to start applying and get one that is going to work for you.

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