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There are hundreds of opportunities available for making money quickly and safely in the virtual world. Surprisingly many of them haven’t been exploited enough. It is perhaps lack of knowledge that keeps people from making the most from the money making opportunities available to them. Few may know that Instagram can be used for making money online. The question that arises is how to make money using Instagram?

Instagram is overtly popular with Tablet and Smartphone users. The application can be used for uploading photographs on popular Social Media sites! Facebook recently took over Instagram and since then a number of new features have been added to the application making it simpler for users to also earn money from their photographs. It is important to know how best to use these available features. Here is a simple guide that will show you ways to exploit the application for monetary benefits.Visit The Small Business Blog for precise info regarding the issues.

Use Stock Photo Feature

An instagram user is entitled to free membership to Stockphotopants. The site works on the stock photo model and allows photographs to be easily added to the Stockphotopants inventory. This done, users can decide how they want to sell their photographs online. Copyright of the photographs belongs to individual users and they can fix a price for their work. They are free to sell the photographs whichever way they choose, including giving up all rights to the photos for a fee.

Money transaction on sale of photographs is done securely through PayPal. There is no commission involved and the photographer keeps 100% profit earned from each sale. A good photographer can build a loyal clientele who will keep coming back to buy more snaps. A no nonsense way of making easy money!

Try Plusgram

Plusgram is another site popular with Instagram users for selling photographs. Membership to the site is free. However, the site charges commission of up to 25% on every photograph sold. The thing to keep in mind when working with this site is that a royalty needs to be paid on all work that sells.

Plusgram maintains a record of photos sold each month and sends an invoice to the seller at the end of each month. The seller has to pay the commission to the site and continue enjoying the privileges.

Sell Printed Products

Money making opportunities don’t end here. There are a few companies such as Instaprint (associated with Instagram) that print photos on various mediums. Sellers can become creative with their work and create posters, greeting cards, T-shirts or souvenir mugs. Photographs can be printed on canvas and sold as framed photo-paintings. The site is open to various ideas and sellers have a choice of retailing their work in numerous ways. Since products on sale are exclusive they are generally priced high as compared to plain photographs.

Instaprints sets a base price on the special merchandise and sellers add their profit and put the same on sale. When a sale is made Instaprints keeps the amount set as base price and sellers get to keep the amount they added as their profit.

With so many ways to make money using Instagram, what are you waiting for? Let your photographs make the money for you.

How To Make Money From Your Instagram Photos