9 Things You Should Be Doing On LinkedIn But Probably Aren’t

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As a professional you surely realize that having a LinkedIn profile is key to developing your career in the right direction. But you can truly benefit from this vast network only if you know how to use its smart functionalities for personal branding. Here are a few tips to help you make the most from your presence on LinkedIn.

9 Tips to Maximize your Exposure on LinkedIn

1. Take a Cue From Who’s Viewing Your Profile

LinkedIn recently revamped the famous “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section to allow its users access to many interesting analytics. You can see who found your profile, but also how they found it and which industries they belong to. You’ll also see a section full of personalized suggestions on how to attract more traffic to your page. Are the right people looking at your profile? It means you’ve done your job well.

2. Create a Customized URL

A customized URL is a factor that will make you more searchable, helping others to remember the link to your profile. If you feature a standard link full of random numbers and letters in your email footer, don’t count on people to click on it and visit your page. A customized URL shows that you care about details and fully control your public image.

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3. Check Pulse to Keep Tabs on Industry News

The Pulse section is a great resource to learn what’s hot in the industry and what top influencers are up to. LinkedIn launched this page to collect posts from a selection of handpicked influencers ranging from Richard Branson to Bill Gates. You can find their content in themed collections, like “Best Advice”. Follow people who inspire you most – you’ll gain access to valuable insights and impress recruiters with your expertise during interviews by casually referring to a piece of knowledge you’ve just learned.

4. Get Rid of Connections Which Aren’t Useful

This sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s the right thing to do. The number of your LinkedIn connections is not there to impress anyone, but to serve you. Feel free to remove connections which aren’t useful anymore. At first LinkedIn didn’t include the “block user” functionality, but they were compelled to add it once users requested it. If a person you don’t know sends you many pushy messages, or you’d like to deny someone access to your information, just disconnect – go to their profile, pick “Send a message” tab and choose “Block or report” option.

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5. Work on Your Headline

It’s not until you preform a couple of searches in the LinkedIn user database that you’ll realize how powerful are headlines. The headline is always displayed next to your name – it’s the first thing users see. Sometimes stating your current position won’t reflect your personal brand and your headline will require a bit of work.

If your status is complicated – for instance, you’ve just founded a startup but you’re still with your old organization, you should decide whether you’d like to be recognized as one or both these things. Writing something like: “Software Developer and Startup Co-Founder” should lead you to explain the details in the summary.

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6. Get a Professional Headshot

It’s simple – LinkedIn profiles featuring profile photos get more views than blank one. Unfortunately, many professionals still undervalue headshots – make sure to add one that is professional, shows only your face and has a blank background. Your profile photo should also fulfill the expectations of your industry. Follow the standard degree of formality in your sector and present yourself to others as a credible professional.

7. Use the Relationship Tab to Keep Track of Your Connections

As you extend connection invites to various professionals and your network starts growing uncontrollably, you’re bound to forget key details about your connections. That’s where you can use the Relationship tab. It’s right there on the profile page so pick a connection, check their profile and you’ll see all key details about your relationship – for instance, when you connected on LinkedIn.

8. Pay Attention to Recommendations and Endorsements

Professionals still aren’t using there functionalities to their full potential. Endorsements and recommendations are there for a reason – they help professionals to build their status in the industry and gain on credibility in the eyes of top recruiters. If you decide to give someone you worked with an endorsement, they’re likely to return the favor. When recommending your colleagues, write short and insightful descriptions – be sure to avoid generalizations.

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9. Share or Create Engaging Content

LinkedIn recently added a brand new functionality – its own blogging platform, which is an excellent place to share your knowledge, build your status as an expert in the sector and boost your personal brand. Creating original content with a specific audience in mind, you’ll differentiate yourself from other candidates.

Another great strategy is sharing engaging content in groups. Join only these groups where you plan to contribute content. Monitor the discussion and when occasion strikes, add valuable content which others will find interesting or inspiring. It will improve the visibility of your profile and attract more traffic to it.

Many professionals have no idea where to start their personal branding on LinkedIn. And the platform keeps adding new sections and functionalities. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to build an outstanding profile in your industry.


9 Tips to Maximize your Exposure on LinkedIn

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