Online Certifications to Advance Your Career

Online Certifications to Advance Your Career

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Online Certifications to Advance Your Career

Looking to change careers or simply get ahead on your current path? It can be tricky to further your education while working full-time, which is why online certifications are especially appealing. You can typically complete them at your own speed and in the comfort of your own home. Once you’ve put in the effort and are awarded with a certificate, chances are you’ll find yourself even more marketable on the job front.

Here are certifications that you can not only complete online, but also put to use in an online career!

Project Management

The Project Management Institute offers eight certifications in project management that can help you show potential employers that you’re fully capable of managing a team and seeing a project through to fruition. Although you can study for these certifications in your own time, only the Certified Associate in Project Management test can be completed online. However, all eight certifications can help you find a satisfying remote project management position that will allow you to work in your pajamas! Prior education and experience is required for these certifications.

Administrative Professional

Multiple organizations offer administrative professional certification programs. You can choose to be certified by the International Association of Administrative Professionals, the International Virtual Assistants Association, or the National Association of Legal Secretaries. With so many options, a certification that fits your goals and budget is surely within reach.

Nearly everyone lists Word and Excel under the “Skills” section of their resumes, but you can stand out from the crowd with a certification that proves it. Microsoft offers a Microsoft Office Specialist certification to help you show future employers that you can use the MS Office Suite quickly, efficiently and to its full potential.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Certification Institute offers seven certifications for you to choose from. Some certifications are available for people new to HR and others are for more experienced professionals looking for a leg-up on the competition. For example, anyone with a high school diploma is eligible to take the Associate Professional in Human Resources exam, whereas experience in the field is required for the Senior Professional in Human Resources certificate. As with other certification programs, you can study online but may need to go to a testing site in order to take the final exam.

Other Online Certifications

If you don’t mind dressing up to meet clients face-to-face every now and then, some additional certifications could benefit you and open more doors:

  • Fitness coach. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, why not share that passion and earn money at the same time? American Fitness Professionals and Associates offers 30 certifications to give you the credentials you need to attract serious clients.
  • Real estate license. Prepare for your real estate license in any state with an online certification program. For example, the California real estate license exam requires 135 hours of training from a real estate school, which can be accomplished online.
  • Hospitality. Dozens of colleges and universities offer hospitality certification programs, many of which can be completed online. These certificates focus on general management, risk management, analytics and decision making, information technology and safety as applied to restaurants, hotels and tourism attractions.

With so many online certificates available, chances are there’s at least one that can help you advance your career, whatever that may be. Whether your experience is lacking or you just want to show you’re invested in the industry, a certification can mean the difference between being invited for an interview or passed over. Get a certificate to put your best foot forward!

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