Smart Content is King: How To Get Read

Smart Content is King: How To Get Read

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Smart Content is King: How To Get Read

Content is king. When you are trying to draw attention to what you’re writing, or just want to help your other pages rank, smart content will help your website get read. This means making sure the words you’re putting on the page translate well to the reader, are on a technically sound platform (user AND Google friendly), and that your funnel keeps people onsite.

Is Your Website Technically Sound?

Clearing up any onsite technical issues will help your readers use your site to its full potential,and even help Google show it off to its fullest capacity. This covers everything from sites with large issues to small content fixes like adding tags to your work, and inventing unique title tags for every page.

You can depend on a developer for your custom onsite, or go with an easy to use template website builder. WordPress isn’t a bad choice if you’re just starting out, and don’t have an online audience — plus, with wordpress, you can manually add title tags and heading tags to your content (which is fantastic, as all your unique pieces of content should have their own unique descriptions, or SEO elements).

If your website is already built, Google Analytics and Search Console can help you look at where you might be having trouble, where is causing people to leave your site, and can even help your site get indexed (found and shown by Google) faster. These tools have free options and are super helpful for looking at your traffic.

What Do People Want To Read About?

Are you writing to your audience? What are they looking for, and what do they want to read about?An entrepreneur may have the best hats on the market, but if your audience keeps searching for things to block sunlight with, your content should suit their needs. Writing about how your hats can shade their eyes will help potential customers find you. If your ideal audience isn’t searching for your exact products, content that aims at them could help them find you.

Post content people want to read about; something that will cast a wider net, and bring people to your site. If you sell shoes, don’t simply write about your shoes. Create content that will help you reach people who need shoes, who may not know what they are looking at, who need help deciding, or who don’t know why your product is the perfect solution to their problems.

Are People Getting Sent to The Right Place?

Once you get people on site with your fabulous, absolutely amazing content, you want them to stay there. And ultimately, if everything goes right, they will buy your goods or services. It’ll help you sell things, and will reduce the bounce rate (which is huge for attracting more traffic!). If you’ve done anything in sales, you’re probably already sick of looking at the sales triangle, but it can help you keep people onsite. Take them from informational pages, to consideration pages, down to finally, when they are ready and reading about specific goods, to product pages.

The data is right at your fingertips: all you have to do is look at what your audience wants, what they are interested in, and meet them there (even free tools like Analytics, which is very self explanatory once you break into it, can help direct you towards your audience’s interests). If you aren’t getting the attention you feel your content merits, and your site is technically sound, build out your content to fit your audience better. Don’t make them find you! Wave at them, move, make it easier for them to find you, and say something great.

Smart Content is King: How To Get Read

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